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    Where is BBC Radio 1

    I have bluetooth streaming in the car now. So I use Slacker and Spotify. Spotify has a BBC1 playlist that is updated once a week. Or I can stream it on the phone.........via the BBC 1 website. They offered me 2 months free and I told them I wasn't interested. They then offered me an...
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    Where is BBC Radio 1

    Cancelled. I'm done with Sirius. I have been a subscriber since Dec 2002 and have watched the quality of the programming go down and down. Boombox and then Backspin were the first to go (granted Backspin is kind of back) and now BBC1. It makes me very sad that it had to come to this, but I...
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    Subscribers Can Expect SiriusXM Price Increase Next Year

    Any idea if the NFL iphone app will allow you to stream the home/away radio calls of the game? The computer app will, not sure if the mobile one is as capable. I have found that streaming a local station that carries the game sometimes works.
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    Sirius/XM 2.0

    but it's not $12.95. Its the basic price + the music royalty fee. For my 2 subs it costs us close to $300 a year. For what exactly? Most of what's on SXM I can replicate on my phone for free or at the most, for half the cost of SXM.
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    Where is BBC Radio 1

    I liked the delay. Are you streaming it from the BBC 1 site or is it another site? And they will be bleeding customers again. They'll raise prices and start to really lose people, like me, who has been a subscriber since 2002.
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    Sirius/XM 2.0

    +1. The loss of Radio 1 has done it for me. I can't justify paying all this for music channels that are ok and sound quality that isn't terrible.
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    Where is BBC Radio 1

    Turned on the channel this mroning and its nothing but a looping commercial. This was one of the last few good channels and I found a bunch of good music because of it. What the hell happened?
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    How long have you had satellite radio?

    I got Sirius December 2003. And I agree with everything Casual Fan said. It was more fun back then and the music selection was waaaaaay better. They had a reggae channel, for pete's sake and live, good DJs
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    Mel Karmazin interview with Fortune magazine

    I think this shows how out of touch good ol mel is................ ... What content Mel? You have cut content specific channels and shrunk playlists.
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    Pathetic playlists Part II: Boneyard was
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    uSirius app for iPhone in limited Beta release

    I stand corrected. I was told by the Apple Store clerk and by an ATT store rep that there was a soft limit of 5 gb on the data plan. In fact the Apple store clerk told me to use Wifi or plug into the computer for all the updates because if I didn't it could run me over the limit. They even...
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    How many new customers have you personally convinced to sign up for SIRIUS/XM?

    Before the merger? 15-20 friends, family and co-workers. After the merger, not a single person. In fact I now discourage people from getting SatRad and instead point them to Slacker.
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    uSirius app for iPhone in limited Beta release

    FAIL. You are not correct. There is a 5GB limit. Read your TOS in regards to the data plan and your iphone.
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    Sirius and Dish Network

    Charlie is still in the mix, he owns a lot of the SXM debt.