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    What Did You Get For Christmas 2011?

    Jawbone Jambox!
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    No Miss Howard tv this month?

    Everything was better when Artie was there!
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    Does anyone listen to Jay Thomas?

    I listen to Jay every afternoon. I started listening a while back after getting tired of Bubba's terrestrial replay. Bubba's show was great the first couple of years but Sirius screwed him over and ruined it for me. Ira can be funny but a lot of the time he's just annoying. I wish Jay was in a...
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    Any Intel from Sirius about Listeners Reaction to Shortened Show?

    Since I don't work on Mondays and I just listen to Sirius when I'm in my truck, for the most part, I'd be happy if he went back to a 6-11 show and took Mondays off. The shorter show leaves a 1 hour hole between when TWUS ends and the Jay Thomas Show begins. I listen to Jay now since Bubba's...
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    The Soda Thread

    That's all I drink! Well, except for the two bottles of water I drink each day at work. And yes, I recycle all of my cans and bottles.
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    Rare white christmas in NC/SC/VA

    Here's a shot of my neighborhood on the east side of Charlotte.
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    My wife and I are going on the VH1 Best Cruise Ever in late April and Train will be performing along with Lifehouse, The Script and others. Really looking forward to seeing Train in what should be a somewhat small up-close setting.
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    Judge says speed cameras are illegal and must be shut down. Appeals court: No, $$$.

    The cities aren't the big moneymakers, it's the companies that own the cameras, lease them to the cities and take the lions share of the money by running the collection of fines.
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    Memebag buy a phone

    I've read that when the Fascinate goes to 2.2 you'll be able to add Google search but as you correctly stated Bing will still be locked to the search button. This turned me off to a phone I was anticipating as my next phone from Verizon.
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    ETM on fringe tonight.

    He blew one of his lines by saying the money he was paid was "renumeration" instead of "remuneration". I know it's picky but such a great actor shouldn't make that mistake. :p
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    ETM on fringe preview

    I think they said the second episode which would be this Thursday at 9:00 on Fox.
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    Guy loops his voice over and over to make a pretty damned good song.

    Great video! Here's his Wikipedia page:
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    Samsung Galaxy Tablet--coming September 2nd

    Can't wait! :bigclap::bigclap::bigclap::bigthumbup: :bigthumbup: :bigthumbup:
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    So I ran into High Pitch Eric

    Good one!:bigthumbup:
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    shaq vs juney

    That was truly horrible TV. Who were those incredibly boring hosts?