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    iOS 5.1

    I was just now able to do it OTA at the house. 15 minutes and all was well, updated and on my way. Battery life is what i am hoping to achieve with this update. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    iOS 5.1

    You dont realize how close you are lol. All of our computers are connected to a corporate server that services 20 subsidiaries. We do have a switch but nothing wireless.
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    iOS 5.1

    Okay guys, long time Blackberry loyalist here that just jumped ship to the iOS. Could someone break down the process or direct me to upgrading my phone? I just checked and the 5.1 update is available, but i cant download it as there is no wifi at work. Im not sure about this phone but on my...
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    Nevermind Radio taking over Lithium 34

    This has been pissing me off since Friday. Kurt Cobain was a "0" who stayed baked all the time and ended up blowing his cookies off of his shoulders and all the fellow chemically dependant individuals idolized him because he made one good song. I personally cant wait until this disaster is done...
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    Post Your Presets...

    1. Octane 2. Sirius Left 3. Lithium 4. Bridge 5. Playboy 6. Classic Rewind 7. Hair Nation 8. Blend 9. 90s on 9 0. Prime Country
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    Best of Sirius?

    I received an email about this when it launched. I am enjoying Opie and Anthony but that would be the only channel I would subscribe to Best of XM to have, which in itself is not worth the $8 a month.
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    winehouse dead

    Sad too see such talent go waste. Posted via Mobile Device
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    What are you packing?

    I am on Verison and upgraded 3 months ago to another Blackberry. I know Blackberry is becoming dated but it is the platform that suits my needs/wants the best. I entertained the idea of an iPhone when it came to Verizon but have used my little brothers one and could not get used to the touch...
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    Oldest Playing Sirius Radio

    I'm still running 2 Sportster 3s in my trucks. The one in my wifes truck is rocking along fine, the one in my truck is losing its working buttons by the day. I have a remote that I use and that has started to get wonky in the past month or so. Will keep using it till it dies completely as I...
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    Blackberry 8310 Question

    Dont feel bad about being behind the times bro. I just upgraded from my 8330 2 days ago.
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    Trying Slacker and Pandora

    I'm still using the free version of Slacker, can't cache on my BB Curve anyway. Use it for background noise when going to bed on my phone and on my computer while at work. I got a wild hair last week and decided to give Pandora another try. I prefer Slacker, listening to different artists music...
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    Best of XM free preview

    I would put the screws to Oprah.
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    Question about Install

    The antenna is under the dash in my wifes problems. The antenna in my truck is just setting on the dash, no problems.
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    I'm technologically challenged!

    Im not far behind Aaron. I have a DVD player that barely gets used and a VCR that gets used for my daughter to "store" toys and whatnots in. I am not a big tv watcher so I have basic cable that is paid through my rent, and even if I did pay for it, I would not go over basic. I do have a laptop...
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    Who do you look like?

    This is who I have been told I resemble. Even went through high school with "Tommy Boy" as a nickname.