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    What Does This Have To Do With The Show?

    If memory serves, it happened more than once at that track. Claiming to have a medical condition would corroborate that. However considering the circumstances, the guy should give up running completely. If the price is your shit on public property, you've lost the privilege to jog.
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    Howard 101 Is Better These Days.

    I'm starting to tune into 101 more. If you took away Ronnie, Memet, JD, and Brent, what's left of the show these days?
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    Week Of 2/4: Live!

    Memet's idea is uninspired, and he can't take criticism. Being creative involves thinking up a ton of stuff and quickly tossing ideas that don't resonate, not defending them. I also think a group of guys in the back really don't understand Howard even though they think they do. They're still...
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    Newly Wet Game

    It's rare that a Howard Stern segment completely crashes and burns with no redeemable radio value, but this did. I can't even enjoy it for being bad. It's just boring. Maybe it's because it's rehashing information that Howard covers day-after-day, week-after-week, month-after month...
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    Week Of 1/28: Live!

    I guarantee if any NFL player bets anything in regards to the NFL, even if it's the color of the Gatorade, there players in question will be banned from the NFL forever. Lest we forget, sports commissioners' primary job is to keep gambling out of sports.
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    Artie News

    Artie Lange claims he was kidnapped 11 months ago due to gambling debts Artie says he was kidnapped, hit in the nose, and that explains the nose.
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    Various Thoughts

    I can only hear "Yanni" and Grover's profanity. Try as I might, I can't hear the other side at all.
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    Various Thoughts

    This is that internet dress all over again. I hear the profanity, but I played the clip for my wife without explaining any context, and she did not. After explaining, she could make it out, but didn't really think it was said.
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    What Does This Have To Do With The Show?

    Still spouting the same point, "I had no choice in 2009. It was the network's decision." He certainly didn't get out of Conan's way though, like go to another network. I've read the book about this. He was passive-aggressive for 5 years throughout.
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    Week Of 1/21: Live!

    The missing element of the show is the parade of crazy people off the street. This generated content and produced Wack Packers. Today, the show is in a castle with keycard access and security. New Wack Packers aren't generated naturally now. They have to do contests. Drunk strippers getting off...
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    Week Of 1/21: Live!

    Retrospectives about something that happened five years ago. I'm either getting old, Howard's getting lazy, or both. I suppose a retrospective about something edgy, U.S. Open Sores or the Gay Dance Party is out of the question?
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    Artie News

    Even if he wasn't lying at that time, one weak moment can derail long periods of recovery.
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    Week Of 1/14: Live!

    So I'm furloughed and sleeping in. Is there trouble in Howard's marriage?
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    Week Of 11/26: Live? A New Schedule.

    Jeff the Drunk had sex with a pornstar named Cindy Crawford, but not the model of the same name. It was bareback, he came inside, and she cried her eyes out. She might have even quit porn shortly afterwards too.
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    Greg Fitzsimmons Canceled

    The settlement with CBS was that Stern owns his old tapes. While he is under contract with Sirius XM, only they have the license to air them. When Stern's contract expires, he can do whatever he wants with them, and he can license their broadcast anywhere. The gray area is that this only...