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    Katy Perry

    I would give a thousand bucks for five minutes alone with Katy Perry's naked breasts.
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    What, if anything will replace Clear Channel on satellites?

    Thanks for the info. Darn it, I was hoping for the changes today!
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    What, if anything will replace Clear Channel on satellites?

    There were no changes. All the Clear Channel stuff is still on the satellites. Maybe they don't do changes/updates on Sunday (or tomorrow either since it's Labor Day)? The CC stuff ought to be gone on Tuesday IMO (and hopefully some stuff added on).
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    What, if anything will replace Clear Channel on satellites?

    Thanks for the links SiriusaboutXM. From what I gather, it is likely that CC will be no more on SXM after August 31. For those who listen to CC programming, this stuff is not going away. Nearly all of the CC stuff about to leave SXM is available for free at and with the...
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    What, if anything will replace Clear Channel on satellites?

    SiriusXM has announced that the Clear Channel stations will be removed once their lease on XM radio expires. First of all, does anyone have any idea when that happens? Second, what might SXM replace the CC stuff with since it will free up some bandwidth? I have heard they might give the...
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    Where will O&A go next?

    Pardon my ignorance, but what are SIM cards?
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    Where will O&A go next?

    I have heard that O&A says they are not treated well by SiriusXM and that they won't sign a new deal with them. Their current deal is up in a few months, so what is next for these guys? I hope they don't go back to terrestrial radio, where censorship will kill their show. And, being from...
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    2011 NCAAF Thread

    Clemson squeaks by Wofford Well, my little alma mater Wofford College here in Spartanburg, SC went down to Clemson today and put up a hell of a fight, but lost to the Tigers 35-27...damn!:mad:
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    Does Howard still bicker with Opie & Anthony?

    I think Dopie and Antfunny will likely stay with Sirius-XM in hopes that when Howard decides to retire, they can be satellite radio's big morning show again like they were before Howard left testicular radio. I don't think it will happen for them, though. But in any event, Limegrass is...
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    They are off next week as well like I thought

    It is an absolute joke that Sirius-XM allows Howard and his crew this much time off instead of laying down the law. Howard controls Sirius-XM and it should be the other way around.
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    MOG radio

    MOG radio is pretty neat. It lets you listen to exactly the songs you want to listen to (provided they are in their library). They have a pretty nice selection, though there are some omissions. And you can use MOG with a Roku as well.
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    I guess we have stopped "Walking The Dog"?

    Makes sense though...only so many channels.
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    Does Howard still bicker with Opie & Anthony?

    It was probably actually more the FANS of Howard and O&A that bickered then Howard and O&A themselves. There was a time (back in 2006 when Howard first came to Sirius) when Howard fans and O&A fans were at each others' throats on message boards. O&A fans would start posts about Howard with...
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    20 on 20, Hits 1, and BBC Radio 1

    Looking at 20 on 20 and Hits 1, the two are very similar. Do we really need them both? Though I'm not a big fan of BBC Radio 1, a lot of people miss it, and Sirius-XM should consider getting rid of 20 on 20 and restoring BBC Radio 1.