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    Satellite problem??

    Yay! It's back in Canada too. :)
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    Satellite problem??

    I depend on programming to automatically switch between the news and music channels in the morning. So, even though the "continue without activation" works, I lose much of the usefulness of my SL2. :( At least I don't have to listen to commercial FM radio...
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    Satellite problem??

    I call Sirius Canada earlier today. It didn't help. Still not getting activated. The customer service representative told me that they were having some technical difficulties, but he wasn't able to tell me when they would be resolved. As helpful as ever...
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    Satellite problem??

    I tried sending the activation code again this morning. Didn't work. I waited over 15 minutes and nothing happened.
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    Satellite problem??

    I have the same problem with my SL2.
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    Can't view the site with Firefox on OSX

    Thanks. Clearing the cookies did it! :bigclap:
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    Can't view the site with Firefox on OSX

    Hi, Using Firefox on OSX, gives a "BAD REQUEST" error. I've attached a screenshot.
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    Stiletto 2 issues

    Here's the link to the software & documentation for the device recovery: SIRIUS Device Recovery for Stiletto products (SL2, SL100 and SL10)
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    Stiletto2 now showing "Premium Internet"

    Up in the North, we're pretty lucky. Sirius Canada has decided (a year ago, I think) to give us the Premium feed graciously. As my lifetime sub (not offered anymore in Canada) has paid for itself by now, I now get the Premium feed for free on my SL2. :)
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    How Long Have You Been A Subscriber

    I've been a Sirius Canada subscriber since 2008. Wow! I just realized that I'm now listening for free (or that I will shortly be)! The price of the lifetime sub was approx 3.5 years when I bought it. Yay!
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    SL2 - Logos after Channel Changes

    That's still better than having the wrong logo (like some channels had before the lineup change). It's a little step in the right direction...
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    Recovery Software Issue

    I guess that you are running Windows 7 in 64bit mode. The recovery software runs in 32bit mode. Maybe that's the problem?
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    maybe it will be time to merge forums

    Hi IdRatherBeSkiing, You do realize, don't you, that SL* owners like you and me are an endangered species, now that Sirius portables are discontinued? So, eventually, this forum will die...
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    Got to love their billing!!!

    That one's a no brainer: CASH THE CHECK! Enjoy your money. :)
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    How to record web stream?

    I use "Audio Hijack Pro" and "Pulsar" on my Mac. See