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  • hello
    Iam new and found you via google. I have a question in rgds to sirius via an app for the iphone in canada.
    Iam thinking of buying an iphone so I can combine my tel, mp3 player and sirius in one device.
    but I have a problem tracing down how much data volume i would use per hour of listening to sirius-canada via the iphone in order to get the right plan...
    I calculated that I listen about 30to 40 hours of sirius in my truck/month.
    I tried sirius, apple etc. but no one could tell me..

    maybe you/or the forum can help since i do not want to run into a money trap at the end of the month!
    Also iam not very firm with the internet thats why Iam mailing you in the hopes of an answer or transfer to the right forum topic!

    thanks for the help in advance
    Hey there - Need any help with moderation? :) I've hosted my own site (with message board) for a bit but then got out of it for a bit. However I'd like to offer my help if needed. My site used to be backup data recovery storage software at brewbackups.com however verizon figured out a way to make my offerings worthless (we gave away stuff for free). And that was that.

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