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    Elimination Game... Anybody?

    you never know what might happen, you better make a pick this week... i'll try to get points updated later this evening
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    Elimination Game... Anybody?

    Qualifying for the Samsung Mobile 500 Texas Motor Speedway Friday April 16th @ 4:40 ET Remember your pick has to be in by the time qualifying starts
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    Elimination Game... Anybody?

    my bad guys/gals i broke my laptop on monday and just got it replaced today i will get last weeks points updated before sunday's race.
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    Elimination Game... Anybody?

    My pick is Mark Martin
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    Would you change your name to for $100K?

    With Bagman and Pistone whining about it this morning and reading Pockrass's blog it sounds as if somebody might be a little bu** The media got their pants pulled down and paddled on the back side on this one by the "king" of self promotion and track promotion. It served its purpose...
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    Elimination Game... Anybody?

    Qualifying for the... Subway Fresh Fit 600K Avondale, Az. Friday April 9th 7:10 pm/et
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    Elimination Game... Anybody?

    I know i should of probably started this at the beginning of the season but with the week off coming this week i figured it was probably a good time to start it now. Here's how it works... if you don't know. You pick a driver every week (prior to qualifying) and once you have picked a...
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    I've never heard/read so much whining in my life, you all need to break out the tea set and have yourselves a big ole Pity god. Have any of you ever done radio? I'm guessing NO, if you had done any radio in your life you would know that it's not easy to talk for 4 hours a day 5 days...
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    Tom Logano's Hard Card Pulled By NASCAR

    Father of Joey Logano reprimanded by NASCAR after confrontation with Greg Biffle - Nationwide Series | NASCAR Racing News -
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    France arrested on drug charges

    WOW!!! That's Big News. TMD will be a blaze in the morning.
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    When is illegal illegal?

    I would much rather listen to their morning banter than listen to MOST callers, if they banter for 15-20 minutes the way i figure it's about 10-15 less callers i have to listen too. Why is it all truck drivers that call in always have to tell you their a truck driver? (I don't care get to your...
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    Gaston hall to honor David Poole

    Great honor for a great man.
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    Who's Da Man & The Biggest Loser Predictions

    [ If not things will get worse between him and Tryson real fast. This was the exact point i was trying to make in the thread i started, if that team gets off to a bad start in the chase things could go south in a hurry. With all the distractions i see this NOT ending well at all. As far as...
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    Should the season be shortened?

    I agree dp, money does drive the sport but the day that it's not on free tv or ESPN is the day i quit watching. If it goes to PPV their will be "certain" races i'll purchase to watch but for the most part i won't bother. Alot of the races now are like watching paint dry anyway, i don't watch it...
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    Should the season be shortened?

    In a word NO, why does the season need to be shortened? People are gonna watch what they want to watch anyway, it don't matter whether they are going up against Football whether it's the NCAA or the NFL. I don't care what the TV ratings are, Saturday night i was bouncing back and forth between...