Zagg earbud's???


Molon Labe!
Oct 16, 2008
Western, PA
From the people that bring us the invisible sheild, they also have headphones.

My Sennheiser CX300-B's just broke (right ear bud stopped working) and I have sent them back to Sennheiser as a warranty claim. But, it sort of has me thinking to pick up a second pair of good in ear headphones. I love my Sennheisers, but I'm open to an upgrade.

Does anyone have these ZAGG ear buds? If so, any sort of review would be great. I don't need the mic that they include and I"m really more concerned about the sound. I splurged a while ago on the Sennheisers (they were around $60.00) and I just can't go back to lousy headphones.

I'm willing to spend about $60.00 on a new pair.

Open to ALL suggestions but please don't recommend a $300 pair as I will never spend that much.