Your Updated Presets... and missing links in them.


Oct 28, 2008
Now that the channel merging and everything else is pretty well set in, How are your latest presets? How much does it differ from before the best of package and all the channels merging and some going away and moving around? Are there still missing channels that you want to come back? (the system and u-pop on satellite would be nice) Are there channels that are a waste of space to waste? Ok, lets have a great discussion on this.


Oct 28, 2008
My XM presets

1. XM 20 on 20
2. Kiss
3. Mix
4. The Pulse
5. Radio Disney
6. BBC Radio One (would be U-Pop)
7. The Highway
8. 80s on 8
9. 90s on 9
10. Pop 2k

1. BPM
2. Area
3. The Strobe (would be The System)
4. Alt Nation
5. Faction (would be Fungus, but i would keep Faction somewhere)
6. Octane
7. Sirius XMU
8. The Verge
9. Liquid Metal
10. 1st Wave

1. Hip Hop Nation
2. Shade 45
3. Backspin
4. The Joint
5. Howard 100
6. Howard 101
7. The Virus
8. Sirius XM Stars Too
9. Extreme XM
10. Talk Radio
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Oct 10, 2008
South Louisiana
My updated presets look something like this...

A1 80's on 8
A2 First Wave
A3 Classic Vinyl
A4 Classic Rewind
A5 50's on 5
A6 60's on 6
A7 70's on 7
A8 Sirius XM Love - was Movin' Easy
A9 Soul Town
A0 The Bridge

B1 Hair Nation
B2 Boneyard - was Buzzsaw
B3 Deep Tracks - was The Vault
B4 The Spectrum
B5 Underground Garage
B6 The Blend - was Sirius XM Love
B7 The Strobe
B8 ESPN Radio
B9 Bluesville
B0 Radio Margaritaville

C1 Siriusly Sinatra
C2 Elvis Radio
C3 Backspin
C4 40's on 4 - was Sirius Disorder
C5 Escape - was Starlite
C6 Symphony Hall
C7 SiriusXM Pops
C8 (open) - used for Walk the Dog
C9 90's - was The Pulse
C0 Lithium


Oct 17, 2008
Madison, Wisconsin
My updated presets
XM Audiovox XR9
A1. The Coffeehouse
A2. The Loft
A3. Escape
A4. The Bridge
A5. Spa
A6. Spectrum
A7. Watercolors
A8. Real Jazz
B1. Sirius XMU
B2. 1st Wave
B3. Alt Nation
B4. Underground Garage
B5. Deep Tracks
B6. Jam On
B7. Strobe
C1. BBC1
C2. 20's on 20
C4. 40's on 4
C5. 50's on 5
C6. 60's on 6
C7. 70's on 7
C8. 80's on 8
C9. 90's on 9
C0. Pop 2K

Sirius Stratus 5
1. The Coffeehouse
2. Watercolors
3. Sinatra
4. 40's on 4
5. 1st Wave
6. Radio Margaritaville
7. Escape
8. Sirius XMU
9. Sporting News Radio
0. Real Jazz

I too would like to hear UPOP on satellite.
I hope 60's on 6 continues to play the Friday afternoon show with the classic AM stations.
And I want to hear what the new Strobe is like on Sat night.


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Oct 13, 2008
Houston, TX
I'll be honest...90% of the time my Stiletto is tuned to Howard 100 or Mad Dog Radio, but here are my presets. I like to divide it up between talk and music...

A1 Howard 100
A2 Howard 101
A3 Mad Dog Radio
A4 NFL Radio
A5 Sporting News Radio
A6 ESPN Radio
A7 Hardcore Sports
A8 Sirius XM Sports Nation
A9 Sirius XM Stars
A0 Raw Dog Comedy

B1 Lithium
B2 Classic Vinyl
B3 Classic Rewind
B4 Deep Tracks
B5 Boneyard
B6 Octane
B7 Liquid Metal
B8 Faction
B9 Spectrum
B0 Backspin

No 'C' presets


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Oct 14, 2008
Band A:
A1 Howard 100
A2 80s on 8
A3 Strobe (labeled Cinemagic)
A5 1st Wave
A6 Heart & Soul
A7 Spectrum
A8 Sirius Left
A9 Chill
A10 Lithium

B1 Soul Town
B2 Howard 101
B3 70s 0n 7
B4 Backspin (labeled Pop2k)
B5 The Joint
B6 Elvis
B7 Classic Rewind
B8 Coffee House
B0 The Pulse

C1 90s on 9
C2 Sirius Stars
C3 The Bridge
C4 Radio Classics
C5 Detroit (Las Vegas) Traffic Weather
C6 Alt Nation
C7 NPR Now
C8 The Heat
C9 Sirius Hits 1
C10 Hair Nation

Now that I look at the list, there is stuff on B and C that I rarely listen to (and I kind of dislike Hits 1 and the Pulse). I mostly stay on A list anyway. Its really interesting to see what people listen to as well as what they don't. I know I have CNN high on my presets mostly because I don't have cable (and during the election/primaries it was addictive).


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Oct 14, 2008
No saturday dance party show on either the Strobe or 70's on 7 :worried:

I like the fact that they announced two different shows for the Strobe....yet we have no idea when they are starting because the Sirius page is minimalist (no way of contracting them with any criticism or song requests). Way to go, guys! Same with Backspin....not shockingly, upon it's return, Boneyard has 4 DJs, it's site allows for subscriber feedback and it has a regularly scheduled show (a half hour program of recent tracks from rock veterans which is a good idea, actually).