You think I can sell this website domain?


Oct 15, 2008
Southern California
I put my website domain up for sell in the "Exchange" section of this forum but so far no interest. I also try to put it up for sale on but Ryan won't let me do it.

So I am very limited who I can sell it to.

Now I am thinking I may just go ahead and put it up on Ebay but I recently had a bad experience there because one of the buyer stole some money from me by claiming that I never refund the money. After I show PayPal that I did refund the money to him, PayPal decided to be in the favor of the buyer so I am out of some cash.

Anyway, because of the fees of Ebay and the bad experience I had, I don't know if there will be much of a demand of the website name.

So do you think I should try selling it on Ebay or should I just forget about it?