yet another sad day in nascar

Discussion in 'NASCAR' started by riskybzns, Dec 6, 2008.

  1. riskybzns

    riskybzns Well-Known Member

    the famed wood brothers racing team will only run 12 cup races next year.

    will someone please stop the insanity already!!!
  2. SubmarineMike

    SubmarineMike Member

    What insanity.. I am sorry to see them having issues but just like the petty's they never kept up with the times. It is their own fault.
  3. Easy Money

    Easy Money Active Member

    Look whats gonna be left to run the place, its gonna happen now or then. Just as well be now. But Mike's right, times have changed so much, and a lot of them just didnt want to make the changes needed. Sad, but true.
  4. riskybzns

    riskybzns Well-Known Member

    i echo your thoughts, but it just feels like it won't be long before we start seeing fewer than 43 cars taking the green flag.
  5. foyt

    foyt Member

    Can you say Franchising?
  6. yippeekyaa

    yippeekyaa Well-Known Member

    The Wood brothers killed their own team. They are located in Stuart Va. with a population of 961 as of 2000 census. Located in a county with just under 20k population. If you had a motorsports background and a degree in engineering, would you move there? Even Petty had to move their shop to get better qualified people to work for them. But it was all a bit too late to have an impact for the Petty team.

    Granted all that, i do hate to see them struggling as I live within 30 minutes drive of their shop. But many teams have come and gone in this sport. Jr. Johnson, Holloman & Moody for example. Many more teams will come and go in the future.
  7. Snafam

    Snafam Member

    Actually, WB moved their race operations to NC in 2004 or 2005. But there wasn't a much better impact on that move than there was for the Petty team moving into Robert Yates old building.
  8. BobBski

    BobBski Member

    I don't like it either...but, it has happened in past, some feel it made the racing better.
  9. I feel bad for all those who are losing jobs, hopefully the Econ will get better. This is getting a bit scary.
  10. Dave Moody

    Dave Moody Member

    Eddie Wood said yesterday that he sees this as a reasonable response to the economic conditions; one that the team has used successfully in the past. Newer fans may not recall that the Wood Brothers rarely ran the full schedule until the mid-1980s. They picked and chose races that they thought best suited them (much like they will do next season), and generally arrived at the track better prepared than the competition.

    Is this a good thing for Wood Brothers Racing? Certainly not. But in the long run it may help them survive this economic downturn. I certainly hope so, because they're the kind of people we need to keep in this sport.
  11. SubmarineMike

    SubmarineMike Member

    Oh yeah thats right Dave, I remember now that you siad it. Totally forgot that them and Pearson were the BIGGEST cherry pickers in NASCAR. I mean that in a good way. They set themselves up for success by doing that.
  12. Easy Money

    Easy Money Active Member

    No doubt about that!:bigclap:

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