Yahoo CEO Stepping Down

Discussion in 'The Studio Lounge' started by MM, Nov 17, 2008.

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  2. hexagram

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    It looks like Microsoft is moving in for the kill.
  3. SISO

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    What's surprising is that Yahoo! hasn't been bought out yet. I know Microsoft and Yahoo! are sort of playing games with each other and what not and eventually it probably will lead to a buyout IMHO. I don't know if even Microsoft could have them though.

    People are just going to Google now, Google is just kind of the "in" thing. For good reason of course; it's not cluttered, the news is better organized, you can create an "iGoogle" page now, everything is nicely laid out and is simple and easy to use. Not to mention the search is better.
  4. Grüpsaar

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    Not all too surprising. This is the guy that wouldn't allow Yahoo to be sold to Microsoft for anything, I thought he'd be bailing soon enough.
  5. memebag

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    Not in the least. Yang wouldn't let Microsoft buy them for 3x what they're worth now. He really is the Chief Yahoo.

    Yeah, I was a Yahoo user from way back. I loved their news and mail, until they improved them so much that they're useless. Now I've got an iGoogle page set up with everything just the way I want it. And I'm writing my own Google gadgets, which is fun.
  6. Wolf

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    Give it time, Google will probably won the world.
  7. I like the google "scholar" department. Great info.....
  8. roscoryan

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    Gee, I didn't hear this 3 years ago from SISO. :p

    Unfortunately, Yahoo (my favorite service) has been going downhill fast.

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