Xmp3 vs. Stiletto2

Discussion in 'XM Portables' started by gldwng84, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. gldwng84

    gldwng84 New Member

    Lets Have a little friendly competition. Who likes which radio better and why?
  2. speed_phreak

    speed_phreak New Member

    the stiletto2 certainly isn't without issues... (memory corruption, lack of regular software maintenance updates)

    But, after having WIFI with the stiletto 2, it is a must have! I walk around my house, inside and out with my headphones on and never miss a beat.

    Since the xmp3 doesn't have WIFI, no matter how good it is, i can't take it seriously. deal breaker...
  3. TSS Taylor

    TSS Taylor DRC Fan

    I have both and use both quite frequently and in different ways.

    My Stiletto 2 usually is docked in the Polk MiDock Station and I set it to record my favorite talk shows. It's actually been really dependable. Only a few times have I had to adjust something to make it work. The interface is very simple and easy to navigate. I prefer it over the XMP3. I NEVER use the WiFi, but that's just me. I get pretty good live reception where I live with the Stiletto 2 and the XMP3. In fact at the gym they both cut out at the same distance from the window. Though at work the Stiletto 2 is a bit better. It's all dependent on exactly where you are.

    I love to use the Stiletto 2 Armband and Case at the gym or when walking. The case for the XMP3 hasn't come out and that is a bummer.

    The XMP3 I use for different purposes. It can totally filter out songs you don't like. Sure the portables are cool for getting live Satellite but this thing is so cool based on the fact that you can record up to 5 channels at once. At first that sounds frivolous but it's not at all. If I plan to go to the gym for example of for a walk in an hour, then I will take the XMP3 and go to 4 or 5 music channels (sometimes a talk one) and record all 5 streams at once. That way when I'm listening to the channels if there is a song I don't like I simply fast forward it. It can always get ahead of you in terms of content. I'm not sure how cool that comes across in words but to me it's awesome! For those with Slacker it kinda reminds me of that but I still have live beaming content and could have Talk/Sports as well.

    The XMP3 display looks great. The color screen is far cooler to gaze at then then Stiletto 2. The Stiletto 2 is so Blue. It's Blue Da Ba Dee Da Ba Di. I use the XM Compact Sound System at home and it's probably my favorite docking station ever.

    The other notable thing to mention about the XMP3 and there are a lot of notable features on both I'm missing out on, is that if you record a block of music on a particular channel and you select that recording, it will break apart all of the songs and bits that were played by the title. The Stiletto 2 you would have to keep fast forwarding to find out what goodies were on the channel. This one will display the song titles or commercials if it were a talk show.

    I really like the Stiletto 2 to record my shows on a daily basis, but as far as the ULTIMATE music player is concerned, the XMP3 is my choice for that.
  4. adeedew

    adeedew New Member

    Stiletto 2. I've had every version since the beginning, S50, then Stiletto and now Stiletto 2, along with XMP3 in all fairness for 3 days before returning it. They all came with their problems (S50, SL1 & SL2), biggest being recording issues and random deleting of all your recording content with little to no support from Sirius or firmware updates. I wish it was more of a popular item and i bet this would have been hacked to work better (like jailbreaking the iphone). BOTH still never have supported Mac either, very frustrating since day one.
    What i liked about the XMp3 that the SL2 doesn't have: 5 recording streams at once. The ability to see what was played in a recorded block so you can go right to that and never have to forward past commercials. MicroSD slot is in a much more convenient spot than SL2.
    What i didn't like about the XMp3: when playing back recorded content it didn't count down how long the recording was (say you recorded 4 hours of Stern) there was no way to see if you where an hour into the show or not. No bookmarking. If you turned to live xm or other recorded content, or turn it off, etc you couldn't come back to recorded content of where you left off. You have to start over. It seemed to suffer from the same thing as SL2, recordings didn't happen sometimes and it randomly turned itself off. It also would delete your list of scheduled shows. If you didn't check, you would have no idea they where gone. Once of the BIGGEST issues, live satellite reception was FAR worse than SL2/sirius AND the audio from XM is very compressed and tinty in my opion. It was either the unit or just XM's feed, but the audio was not even close to SL2 or sirius'. On the westcoast here, my live reception with sirius/sl2 has increased tremendously in the last 6 months. Really out of nowhere i started to get live reception (without the silly headphones) walking around with no problem. That was never the case before, only if i traveled to the east coast. I didn't think i would miss the wifi on SL2, but it is a very cool feature missed on Xmp3.
    I also found the XMp3 a bit too small believe it or not to properly fit in your hand. SL2 is far from a great product (tons of potential) but that's to the winner to me.
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  5. TSS Taylor

    TSS Taylor DRC Fan

    That's a really good point, and I forgot to mention why the Stiletto 2 for me is what I use to record my favorite shows.

    Great thoughts.
  6. no1hedberg

    no1hedberg Member

    Taylor, I want an XMP3 to replace my sl2, but I use my sl2 primarily to record stern shows and listen at work or driving in the car. My question is why do you say the sl2 is better for recording your favorite shows than xmp3?
  7. snakester

    snakester Member

    Probably bookmarking. With the XMp3 if it goes into full, battery saving shutdown, or you switch from recorded to live, it tends to forget where it was in your program. So as long as you can remember where in the show you were (remembering the PAD helps) it's not really that much worse.
  8. Mrwirez

    Mrwirez Member

    No Wi-Fi ? No way!

    I was going to get the XMp3 because of a few features (multiple streams/recordings), but I use the wi-fi everyday in my house. With the 128 kbit rate, music sounds awesome. Why would XM not include wi-fi with the internet so much a part of everyday life..

    My main gripe with the SL2 is, I wish the Stiletto2 would allow a live pause in internet (wi-fi) mode.. I'll hang on until the next gen... if there is one. :(
  9. TSS Taylor

    TSS Taylor DRC Fan

    Exactly. Yeah the Bookmarking is HUGE to me. We all have features that we put more emphasis on, for me Bookmarking is one. I would rather have that then WiFi all day.
  10. xmguy

    xmguy New Member

    I've had the Stiletto 100 and have the XMp3. I prefer the Xmp3. :)
  11. TSS Taylor

    TSS Taylor DRC Fan

    What's some of the reasons you came to this conclusion?
  12. IdRatherBeSkiing

    IdRatherBeSkiing Sherbert is not and never will be ice cream

    I have an SL2 and was at one point considering an XMP3 (before Nov 12th). I am glad I didn't. Bookmarking my recordings is a HUGE feature for me even more than WiFi (which is also nice). Recording 5 channels or smart recordings not so much (I don't even use the simple Replay feature on the SL2 (mainly due to the corruption issue)).
  13. MM

    MM Administrator

    I am pondering the XMp3 right now. I am debating which service had what I want. I think I want XM with Best of Sirius for 100 and 101.

    I have the SL2 now.

    I have to make a decision soon.....by the 11th.
  14. no1hedberg

    no1hedberg Member

    I had a stiletto 100, and now have the sl2 and xmp3. I haven't had a lot of time to play with the xmp3, but it is a really nice radio. The multi-tuner aspect of the xmp3 is wonderful. I get the feeling so far that the xmp3 will be more solid software wise. I think the xmp3 is very cumbersome for setting up manual recordings. The process is annoying, and not very intuitive. How they made a recording device, and didn't have a setting to record monday-friday I just don't get. (this really needs to be added in a firmware update, but the inno is the same way.) I also put the xmp3 car kit in my car. Changing channels in the car while driving without preset buttons, is nearly a road hazard. As far as you guys talking about bookmarking, you mean if you are listening to a recorded show and stop, it won't start playing from the same place the next time you start it?

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