XM to Sirius antenna adaptor Honda Insight


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Dec 18, 2012
Northern Illinois
Hi, I just joined this forum even though I've been a Sirius Lifetime Subscriber since 2005. I've never had a reason to, until now.

I just bought a 2013 Honda Insight because I had a Head-On Collision with my 2011 Insight. 4 Air Bags blew off, and I just got out and walked away from the car to check on the other car - Injury Free!:bigthumbup:

A pretty safe car if you ask me:band2:

My problem is that Honda only can give you XM. So this last summer when I bought my wife a 2012 Honda CRV it came with XM and a great OEM AM/FM/XM Antenna on the roof. I bought a subscription to XM and she's happy with that, and I think it looks great.:D

Now on to the Insight... They only offer a crummy glued/stuck on the windshield antenna that looks about the size of the magnetic job I have used in the past and still have on my Truck. In my opinion it's fine for a truck...:beer:

I have called and talked with American Honda and they told me that I can get all my questions answered by the parts dept at my Honda Dealer.:bigahh:

He told me that the CRV Antenna can't be put on by them because it has 2 plug / connections (for AM&FM and then the XM plug). and can't connect to my existing wiring harness.:bigahh:

I ordered the Insight EX w/o Nav because I am going to put a Sirius capable Receiver in, since I prefer their programming to XM and am willing to do it myself, but need an adapter for the XM connector Pins 9,10, & 11 (at least that's all I can tell from the Insight Electrical Troubleshooting manual: Connector E- @ the factory radio side of the wiring...) that are coming out of the CRV Antenna base.

If you can follow that...:blush:

I can buy the base (and Honda CRV cable) now, if that's helpful. I just want to plug the XM Antenna into the Sirius interface hoo-ha in place of the normal magnetic one. I am working with an adviser at Crutchfield and can get an adapter for the Insight wiring for the Am/FM connector on the back of the new unit.

I was told that someone here may be able to help.:bow:

Thanks for any help you can provide me.

And any opinions on those Shark Fin overlay's? Do they affect reception?