XM SkyDock is available for Pre-Orders


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Oct 7, 2008
SIRIUS XM and it’s subscribers are eagerly awaiting one of the biggest products ever, the XM SkyDock. This is a one of a kind product that will essentially turn your iPod Touch or iPhone into a Satellite Radio in the car. The iPod touch/iPhone docks into the SkyDock. SkyDock is capable of getting all the XM channels, not limited to just the ones available online. This means you are able to get the full lineup of channels that XM supplies to the Satellite Radio service as well as having the ability to get the Best of SIRIUS.

The XM SkyDock is one of the first radios to be released with the new PowerConnect technology. This new system provides two major benefits.First it’s easy to connect, just plug and play with no need for extra wires. Secondly it sounds better out of the box by using the cigarette lighter as a grounding device. This FCC approved solution is a welcomed advancement from weaker FM Transmitters because of it’s easy setup.

The SkyDock is a different way for iPod Touch or iPhone users to get SIRIUS XM channels. Keep in mind the official SIRIUS XM app works a bit different. On that app your channels are limited to only the online ones. SkyDock opens up the full spectrum of channels. The advantage of the official SIRIUS XM app is the ability to take the service on the go. You can combine the two if you choose.

Besides the XM SkyDock transforming your iPod touch/iPhone into a Plug and Play Satellite Radio it has some useful and fun features. It has customizable presets, Artist or Song Alerts, which notify you when your favorite song or artist are on. But it also has the tagging feature. You can tag a song while listening and easily purchase later from iTunes. It also has the ability to track your favorite sports teams and alert you of the score while they are playing. The SkyDock mounts on a flexible stalk that holds securely in your cigarette lighter adapter. There is no need for additional hardware. For those that have an Aux In jack on the front of your car radio you can use that to connect in lieu of using the PowerConnect. The XM SkyDock is available for Pre-Order now at many retailer such as TSS-Radio. The SkyDock app is available for download on Sunday Oct 11th and the XM SkyDock will be available in limited quantities on Sunday Oct 18th.

Feature Breakdown

-Easy way to get XM in your vehicle with iPod Touch or iPhone

-PowerConnect Technology easy to setup and sounds great

-Presets, Artist and Song Alert

-Sports Teams Alert

-All necessary hardware and mounting included

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