XM SkyDock App Has Launched


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Oct 7, 2008
XM fans and satellite radio fans have long awaited a solution that married satellite radio with an iPhone.* That day has finally arrived.* Earlier this year Sirius XM Radio announced the SkyDock, a device which would turn iPhones and the iPod Touch into virtual satellite radio receivers.

Imagine a single device that can serve as your phone, address book, calendar, as well as your satellite radio. * There are many music services available through iTunes, but none can give you the live experience that satellite radio can deliver.* Consumers now have access to talk radio and sports like never before.* Whether you are a baseball fanatic, and NFL nut, a right wing conservative, a left wing liberal, there is content for you.* It does not stop there either.* Sirius XM delivers talk on virtually any subject.* Shock jocks, cooking, alternative lifestyles, and legal advice all have a home at Sirius XM.* If news is your thing, you are covered there as well.

Sure, you could download app after app to try to imitate what Sirius XM offers, but there is something to be said about the convenience that Sirius XM offers.* Everything in one place with easy to navigate menus.* You can even be alerted when your favorite artist or song is on.

If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, you should consider giving the SkyDock and SkyDock app a try.* All the content that fit to air, and it charges your phone to boot! To download the app go into your iTunes account and search SIRIUS XM. There should be two apps from SIRIUS XM Radio Inc, the official SIRIUS XM app, and the SIRIUS XM SkyDock app.

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Oct 19, 2008
This is very exciting! I'm looking forward to a review from a boardmember.

I love coming on here and reading the most current news.