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Discussion in 'SiriusXM Soundwave Cafe' started by dlnester, Nov 9, 2008.

  1. dlnester

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    I was listening to "XM Saturday Night" on Lucy XM 54 and Bill Hutton was closing the show and had a rather humorous ending. He announced it was the very last show on Lucy, and then he thanked all list of people for helping him fail as a broadcaster, the person who gave him a "stock tip" for Satellite radio, and thanked them for the Ramon Noodles he was eating that night. He then had a few things to say about XM Management, and in closing, told everybody to go look up "Slacker" at the library.

    The PAD Data was scrolling "Not Worth $13" on the display.


  2. IdRatherBeSkiing

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    He had tonnes of stuff throughout the show to. At the beginning he said something like "I may have read the vibe wrong but I think now is the perfect time to ask for a raise". He also suggested listeners call in obscure requests because he felt that there wouldn't be any more of that in the near future.
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    Shoot, I missed the show on Saturday. I enjoyed the XM54 show when I did listen. That has to be the best send off of all of the XM people let go. :bigclap:
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    XM has truly come to an end. I will wait and see what the changes are, but I'm pretty sure I will be canceling before thanksgiving. Very sad that they are killing this great service.
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    One thing that is going to come out of this is that Slacker will get a hellva lot of former XM subscribers on board , and in the share your stations thread I have created some Slacker stations with the XM philosophy of playing stuff you dont hear to often so if you want to come on over and enjoy the party.
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  7. Santinelli

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    Wow, that's pretty sad... Lucy was always one of my favorite channels... Ethel, Lucy and Fred, are all so superior to the Sirius channels, mostly because they actually dared to go deep.

    I LIKE alt nation, but I can't listen to it all day in my office. The repetition killed me. Ethel? Not a problem.

    I remember when I used to have a hour commute, and I first had XM, I'd jump from channel to channel, and then finally end up on Lucy, and very happy with that. :)

    Then Switched to Sirius, and pretty much just listened to Alt nation.

    Now my musical tastes have changed and I listen to Highway 16, ALL day long in my office.

    Oh well... Best of luck to you Bill!!!
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  9. TVGenius

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    Can't say I'm surprised there. Stuff like this is what made XM worth $20 a month for the two subs my wife and I have. I guess what irritates me the most is that all the non-subscriber, so many of the Sirius people, and even a lot of the newer XM subs don't have any idea about so much of this kind of stuff that made XM great. It just kills me that a company, and more importantly, so many of the employees that have been so passionate about playing great music, making it enjoyable to listen to, and really defining what satellite radio is all about, are just being tossed aside.

    Sure, I have an iPod, and I might get a Slacker. But will Slacker's alternative hits channel play Paul Anka's version of Smells Like Teen Spirit? No.

    After Wednesday, there is no more XM. It's just going to be Sirius' retarded little brother.
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    Tough to listen to. I think we should hold off on saying what Wednesday's changes will bring, but I am afraid we have lost much of what made XM, XM. I hope there is some carry over.
  11. SISO

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    It would seem by all accounts that SiriusXM and the terrestrial radio geniuses behind it are slowly but surely getting rid of unique programming in order to become more "mainstream". I can see where their philosophy is going, but I can't help but think it just won't work.
  12. TVGenius

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    I didn't get a chance to listen to it earlier, but, yeah, that about sums it up...especially the Lee Abrams part. Nice Slacker plug too.

    As said above, it's sad to hear, and reminds me a lot of the signoff of Special X, which, even though there wasn't a 'speech' other than Generalissimo Ortega's, still said a lot, through the choice of songs for the end.
  13. Dark Star

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    It did sound funny and all, but right there is a prime example of why your favorite jocks rarely get a goodbye show.

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