Xm= liars!!!

Bandit 5160

Oct 31, 2008
Today the XM loop on the sports schedule for Friday 11/20 was misleading when it comes to the NBA. They mentioned games for XM 241, 242, and 243. Those games ended up not being broadcasted at all. In fact 243 was carrying a HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL game of all things! WHAT A COMPLETE AND TOTAL WASTE OF BANDWIDTH!! Don't get me wrong- I like high school football, but I, as well as most others, am only interested in my local HS teams, so HS football is something that belongs on local terrestrial radio only. But getting back to this NBA schedule on the sports schedule loop- this is about the third time this has happened this week- NBA gamne being mentioned as being on XM 241-246 and then not being broadcasted. Twice, these shunned games have involved my Charlotte Bobcats, including tonight's Bobcats-Bucks tilt on XM 243 that was preempted by high school football. I realize that: 1) neither the Bucks or the Bobcats are among the NBA's best or most popular teams 2) XM is obligated to carry every NHL game due to "Canadian programming" requirements, which costs bandwidth, and 3)XM ius also obligated to broadcast some of these terrible non-conference college basketball games featuring big-name teams whipping up on creampuffs, and that that costs them more bandwidth. But they do not have to LIE!!!! If they can't carry a game, then they should not say that they are going to carry it! I called XM with this complaint, and the lady on the phone took my receiver ID and account number along with my complaint and seemed very nice and understanding about my point. I hope I got through to XM and that they will stop lying about NBA games on 241-246!