XACT XTR3CK & "Best of XM"?


Dec 5, 2008
I got an older XACT sirius radio from a family member. They were leaving the country so handed it off to me. Its a XTR3CK model. Here is the info about it:

Xact Technology XTR3CK Visor Sirius Satellite Plug + Play Receiver and Vehicle Kit - Styled for Life

I figured its probably close to about 3yrs old and wouldn't receive "Best of XM" package since its so old, but upon trying to add it to my account via the online portal, I am given the Best of XM option to choose from. Is this radio indeed possibly allowed to receive Best of XM or is this a system error on SIRIUS's part? I ask cause I have experienced similar system errors with SIRIUS's online stuff with other older radios I have. They were eventually cleared up, but just now wondering here.

Can anybody verify this before I do go ahead & get the 'Best of XM' only to find out this model won't receive it and then have to go through the hassle of correcting the problem/situation and dealing with customer service. Maybe this model isn't as old as I think either.
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Dec 6, 2008
The irony that you ask this question. I came here to post this identical question. I want to add Best of XM to my parent's radio.