WTF is with the artist repetition??

Discussion in 'SiriusXM Soundwave Cafe' started by MAJ Badmotherfarker, Dec 28, 2008.

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    *Sorry if this has been posted a million times, it's the first time I've spent 12 hours straight flipping through channels *

    All I can say is, damn... pretty bad. Especially when the artists on the "artist only" channels are being played on 1-2 other channels at the same time! Even worse, I saw U2 and Bruce Sprinstein listed 2X on THE SAME SCREEN!

    I'm using XM now and don't remember Sirius being like this the last time I took a road trip (2004).
  2. DAB

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    Well XM isn't in charge Sirius is and since the music channels are the same now, it wouldn't matter if you had an XM tuner or a Sirius tuner what you are hearing is the crappy programming decisions that Mel and his goons are making.

    Why do you think I have a Slacker? I don't have that problem at all and I listen to XM for news, sports, weather and entertainment programs. THere are a few music programs I listen too, but that is even limited.

    If the old XM crew was programming you wouldn't have this problem as they have always been better at programming music channels than Sirius. It seemed initially Sirius was doing okay with the music channels, but now they are already beginning to scale the playlist back and they are getting horrible again. My opinion of course!
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  3. All channels from 7-24 are dreadful. The 50's and 60's channels have changed completely. Do we REALLY want to pay to hear Woklfman Jacks old shows? The AC/DC and Zep channels are just sad. There are times I contemplate cancelling.
  4. Jleimer

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    I have noticed that Sirius is cutting the playlist some , and they repeated Journey's Open Arms on Friday which they played once during the day and once at night . I split between Sirius and Slacker for my music. Besides I got Sirius for the Sports Programming.
  5. oncesir

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    I remember back in the day when I had Sirius and Octane would play 10 RATM songs a day and the repeats were horrible. I canceled, went to XM and loved Squizz. Now its about 5 bands that get this same treatment on the new Octane. These bands are popular but there is no doubt that the higher ups have ordered this tighter rotation of music/bands. I just canceled one of my 2 SUBS. Slacker Radio is my only savior at this point.

    I want to see Satellite survive but I'm not going to continue to support it when they have watered down things as much as they have. Xm had WOW moments on almost all the music channels, now I am forced to channel surf. WOW moments are a thing of the past. I'd bet it gets even tighter than it is now. They will start with a wider playlist and eventually narrow it up to Sirius(FM) standards. XM was great while it lasted. R.I.P XM.

    BTW Sirius has always had artist repetition problems. For Hair Nation it was Def Leppard, Lithium had Pearl Jam, Octane was RATM. I expect that in a year it'll be just like it was before I canceled Sirius.
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  6. TacoKid

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    I agree. The playlist were very good there for a second when the merge first happened but they are suddenly shrinking.
  7. Gary1

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    It amazes me that the people in charge actually believe that folks prefer a format that is just like FM. How could they not figure out that the people who are willing to pay for satellite radio probably don't like the FM model. That's why they are subscribers to satellite radio in the first place. Of course there are those who subscribe for Howard Stern or sports and other programming. But if you just narrow it down to the people who are subscribing mainly for the music, it should be obvious that they are looking for something different than what FM is providing. Why can't Mel understand this? XM understood this concept but it seems the Sirius programming has won out and appears to be the model they are after.

    If Sirius goes out of business, they'll have no one but themselves to blame.
  8. goreds2

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    Your opinion is 100% correct. :bigcry:
  9. TacoKid

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    I've fired off at least 5 emails today complaining about each station I was listening to today.
  10. Jleimer

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    I have listened less to Sirius XM then I used to , but I havent noticed too many repeats my self except 80's on 8 when they played the same Journey song twice. Now if they decided to hell with the subscribers and go back to the Sirius playlist then I will be a little dissapointed in Sirius.

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