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Discussion in 'WTD Archives' started by Aaron, Dec 21, 2008.

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  1. Aaron

    Aaron Moderator

    Spa is an ethereal audio experience. It’s new age with a twist of ambient and light world music. A perfect spa experience.

    What we play: Enya, Will Ackerman, Andreas Vollenweider, Kitaro, David Arkenstone, Yanni, Chris Spheeris, Alex de Grassi, Jonn Serrie, George Winston.

    Channel 73 on Sirius, 72 on XM

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  2. hexagram

    hexagram Medicinal & Recreational.

    It's already a preset. :)

    Great channel when you feel like relaxing, unwinding, and it also works great for bedtime.
  3. goreds2

    goreds2 Well-Known Member

    I love turning SPA on before going to sleep. I usually set the sleep timer to 45 minutes. :zz:
  4. Wolf

    Wolf The Lone Wolf

    I usually don't listen to Spa, because I have fell asleep to that music within an hour, but it relaxing music.
  5. TacoKid

    TacoKid Member

    I listen and enjoy Spa quite a bit as background music when I am writing emails/working on my PC.
  6. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    I like Spa, but they play a bit too much space music for me, I perferred the original Spa73. I also think nightly Heart of Space is a bit much too, but those programs are certainly interesting.

    I certainly enjoy having this channel on the service. But now it is sort of a mix between the original Spa73 and Audiovisions. I always like Spa73 better.

    However, I think my version that I created on Slacker is a lot better, but then it is the music I like without the space age stuff.
  7. Grüpsaar

    Grüpsaar DRC Forum Bum

    Listening to this station again after the merge, I didn't originally think much changed, but as DAB mentioned, there is a slight change. Since I do listen to this station at night to fall asleep like others do, I actually do enjoy the different music they've been playing lately.

    Still remains a preset for me, and is as good as ever. :)
  8. Bandit 5160

    Bandit 5160 Member

    I tried to listen for a while, but this channel simply is not my cup of tea. That's not to say it isn't needed on Sirius-XM, though. It's supposed to be about choice and variety, and a new-age channel is a great idea as many like it. Since I am not into this type music myself at all, I won't rate this channel.
  9. Aaron

    Aaron Moderator

    I didn't enjoy this channel at all! The music is far too quiet, and I didn't enjoy the nature sound effects in the songs. I have new found respect for Escape after listening to this one. :icon_eek:
    I will not be returning to Spa.
  10. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    Yeah, new age music is an acquired taste for sure. But this is one genre of music that sat radio turned me on to and I've been hooked since. There are many folks that don't like it though. Sometimes if I am listening in the car with a co-worker they are like WTF are you listening too. LOL

    I find it very relaxing and love to go to sleep listening to it. In fact I am not sure I could go to sleep without hearing now. When I travel I have to make sure I've got a way to play it.
  11. semipenguin

    semipenguin Cheeseburger Connoisseur

    This is a quote from the Escape Thread...

    This is the channel that will put me to sleep. Driving at 2:30am down a lonely interstate highway...:p

    Just kidding.

    They do play a lot of relaxing music on this channel, though. I like this channel, but not enough to make it a preset. Maybe to listen to every so often, like a bar-b-q's. Or tailgating with some friends at the Metropolitan Opera House. While acting out scenes from "Eyes Wide Shut"...:shock:

    The format is cool. No DJ's, just music. Some music has vocals, some don't. Some of the music has a very folky feeling to it...:right:

    Overall, I have to give this channel 4 out of 5 Stars...:)
  12. down4six

    down4six Well-Known Member

    Listened to a few times this week, and I actually liked it! :icon_biggrin: Will be sliding it into my list of presets.
  13. squigy0

    squigy0 Member

    Sounds: Soft organic instrumentation, Quiet new age music

    Positives: A very chillax presentation, seemingly not even with any station IDs to keep things quiet and flowing

    Negatives: None that I could hear

    Blastability: Not too high! You want to be able to relax

    Overall: I've been to this channel before when it was Audio Visions, both for XM Bootcamp, and to catch Musical Starstreams which has a phenominal presentation except for the host's voice which goes through me like that jug of liquid you get before a colonoscopy. I actually like it more NOW than I did, because then it seemed focused on a lot of electronic new agey stuff that can actually get quite hokey at times. Now the channel has a bigger focus on keeping things organic with a lot of real instrumentation and a little bit of synthesizers.
  14. MadisonRadio1

    MadisonRadio1 MadisonRadio

    I have listened to Spa on several occasions and will continue to listen from time to time. It is soothing and peaceful. It takes your mind to many beautiful and quiet places.

  15. Road Hog

    Road Hog Member

    I would actually have problems getting to sleep if I tried to listen to New Age music. It would be too distracting to me, because I just don't care for it.

    I had it on for a bit on Christmas Eve, and I actually didn't mind it that much as background music, since they had instumental versions of familiar Christmas songs. But I won't be back on the other 364 days of the year.
  16. flguy

    flguy New Member

    I do the same, except I don't have a sleep timer on my Stiletto 100 :(, so I just play it all night. It's a great way to get relaxed and get to sleep.
  17. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    Say what? Too distracting?
  18. Grüpsaar

    Grüpsaar DRC Forum Bum

    I sort of know what he means. Sometimes I can't fall asleep with anything playing, even if it is soft music like Spa. My mind just focus's on it too much and I end up staying up to listen to the it rather then drift to sleep.

    However, most of the time, I use it to tune out and slowly fall asleep. But there is the rare occasion that silence is better.
  19. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    Yeah, that makes total sense I have experienced that too! Sometimes you just need to quite with a little fan noise! LOL
  20. flap_jackson

    flap_jackson Well-Known Member

    Listening to this station the past couple of nights to fall asleep, the station has been pretty peaceful, and it kind of reminds me of a good relaxing movie score. However, it has a little bit too much of a New Age feel, then just as you're falling asleep VOCALS, or CHORAL MUSIC... Whatever it is, it doesn't mesh well with my sleeping habits, so I end up turning to back to Chill. But it's good in small doses.

    3/5 stars.
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