WTD 2008 Week 3 - Prime Country

Discussion in 'WTD Archives' started by semipenguin, Nov 30, 2008.

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  1. semipenguin

    semipenguin Cheeseburger Connoisseur

    This is where great country music from the '80s and '90s lives. Garth Brooks, Reba McEntire, George Strait, Alan Jackson, The Judds all play here. Hear the big country songs that made you a fan over the past two decades.

    Sirius Channel 61 - XM Channel 17

    * Please indicate how much you like this channel by assigning it a rating. Simply use the thread rating system found at the top of the thread and give it a vote. :)

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  2. Wolf

    Wolf The Lone Wolf

    I have always enjoyed Prime Country and it been one of my major presets since day 1.
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  3. goreds2

    goreds2 Well-Known Member

    I just listened for an hour. It seems to have a deep play list which I like. They played holiday music once every 10 or 15 minutes.

    A thumbs up from me.
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  4. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    I have really been enjoying this channel so much more now than before. I also like how they are now sprinkling in a good bit of holiday music. This is why we didn't get a country holiday channel, because this was their plan.

    I am really pleased with the playlist now, but then that is has been true of most of these merged channels for me.

    Big thumbs up from me.

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  5. hexagram

    hexagram Medicinal & Recreational.

    This one also gets 4 stars and a preset from me. So far listening, it's got a great playlist and the holiday-themed songs every now and then fits in nicely.
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  6. bigdaddyII

    bigdaddyII Member

    This channel has been a preset since I first became a subscriber. The recent channel merger left a bad taste in my mouth as far as the DJ talking over the beginning of the songs and some less desirable music content. That has since gotten better. Prime Country will continue to be a band A preset.
  7. down4six

    down4six Well-Known Member

    One of my presets as well. Good mix of country music I grew up with.
  8. Aaron

    Aaron Moderator

    I hate to say it, but country music totally irks me! :( I have never liked it.

    I'll take you guys word that the channel is programmed well.
    I did like that they mixed in Christmas songs. The DJ's seem cool too.

    Won't be returning to Prime Country!
  9. semipenguin

    semipenguin Cheeseburger Connoisseur

    I like Prime Country. It plays the music I used to have to listen to when I was in the service...:shock:

    Yes, Had to listen to. When you're in the service, most of the time you has no choice but to listen to other peoples music (opm...:right:)

    I grew to like Country Music & have bought more than a few Country Music CD's in my time...:)

    The channel is on of the best, IMHO. The music collection is wonderful, as is the rotation. The DJ's seem to know what they're talking about.

    This will be a preset of mine. I give this channel 5 out of 5 stars...:)
  10. Argji

    Argji Member

    I listened for about 4 hours or so. I've never been a huge fan of the genre which is kind of funny since I went to Oklahoma State about the time that Garth started hitting it big.

    I do listen every once in a while and think it is a must have channel for Sirius, and it's good to know that it's there if I need it.
  11. squigy0

    squigy0 Member

    Sounds: Country music hits from the 80s and 90s

    Positives: Channel represents songs that are no longer heard on regular radio. They shuffled in a great mix of some classic country Christmas songs

    Negatives: I believe I did notice repetition of one of the songs by Shenendoah. If not, there is a fair bit of repeat at least in the artists that they play...and then maybe I just think they sound the same after that cause I don't know much about this genre

    Blastability: Low for me. Not the kinda music I want people hearing me listening to

    Overall: There are certain sub-sections of my family that all they listen to is country music. I remember get-togethers in the late 80s and early 90s where all they had on the radio was WPOC, the country station here in Baltimore, and us kids HATED it. It feels strange listening to these songs on my own years later. :)
  12. Road Hog

    Road Hog Member

    This is my least favorite of the country channels. The '80s and early '90s were the low point for country, in my opinion. I never liked the whole pop Garth and Shania songs.

    Country is better now than it was then. And I am a big fan of early country we'll be hearing on Willie's Place. This stuff is not for me.

    I am very disappointed that there was no country Christmas channel this year - that was my favorite of all the holiday channels. So I did like the Christmas songs sprinkled in here.
  13. Aaron

    Aaron Moderator

    SIRIUS Satellite Radio - Country Radio Station ? Listen to Country Music Hits on Sirius Satellite Radio ? Prime Country

    Brooks & Dunn Radio
    9/4 @ 5 pm ET – 9/7 @ 11:59 ET
    Brooks & Dunn will take over Prime Country channel for Labor Day weekend as they celebrate the release of their new greatest hits collection, #1s…and then some. The country superstars will play their biggest hits and songs from their favorite country superstars, including Garth Brooks Reba McEntire, Keith Urban, George Strait and Toby Keith.

    From Friday, September 4 at 5:00 pm ET through Monday, September 7 at 11:59 pm ET.

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