wood yee call in


Release Robin's Bra
Oct 11, 2008
ive missed the guy soooo much. he has so many classic bits back from the krock days. i hope hes back for good.

but that leads me to my point of this thread...

anyone catch the wrap up show after the wood yee call in? after the break hein and gang got to talking about it and benjy said (and i think he was serious, but who knows for benjy) that wood yee was on two phone lines. one line was him reading his script and the other was the heavy breathing. baba booey and hein said they were not able to tell. then benjy went on to ask if they were revealing if it waas not the real wood yee and baba jumpped right in and said it was.

now i know i am fully sucked into the benjy vortex here but...

didnt the gang say a few times that wood yee was not on sirius ever since he did something with cbs?

also, if its not the real wood yee it would kinda suck cause along with his speaking voice and the lines the feed him, just the look of the guy was funny as hell on the E! show. now im happy to have wood yee back even if it is someone else, but if so he will be greatly missed by me on howard tv.