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Discussion in 'Gadget Corner' started by mrpacs, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. mrpacs

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    Looking for replacement wireless phone/answering machine system. currently have a 5.8Ghz Panasonic system with 4 handsets. I see that there is a new "Buzzword" - DECT. Is it any good? thanks.
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    Ewww, landlines.
  3. mrpacs

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    yes, a landline.
  4. memebag

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    I don't get it. Why bother?
  5. ProperModulation

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    not everyone gets usable cell reception at home. we had to get a landline when we moved to a new condo where our cells don't work reliably. And to this day I don't have the slightest idea what the phone number is on that landline...
  6. memebag

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    That's weird.

    To the OP: cell phones come with built in answering machines and are wireless by nature. And telemarketers aren't allowed to auto dial them. I'd recommend getting one of those. Maybe like the one in your avatar.
  7. mrpacs

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    If you don't have anything constructive to add to a thread, why bother? Please don't concern yourself with "why" I need a landline. Just make a constructive suggestion if you can. If you can't then just don't reply. Pretty simple I would think. Thanks.:bigthumbup:
  8. edweird

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    DECT is a standard, and you can find the definition via Google or Wikipedia.

    I recently replaced my older 900 MHz Sony cordless with a new Panasonic DECT 6.0 system, and have been very happy with it.
  9. At one point I had DSL internet service. So I had a landline. Then I switched to cable internet service. So I ditched my landline, and ended up with Skype without using my computer. It was a skype phone I could use without a computer. Well my cable internet provider was absolutely terrible. It went down hill over time. Paying for 8 megs. Lucky if I got 3 megs. This was a problem for many customers in my area. I was told Suddenlink does not own enough bandwidth for the customers in my rural area. So now I am back to DSL, and I ditched Skype. Since I am paying the phone company for the landline DSL connection. The connection itself is very, very solid, and way better then the cable service was.......

    Well getting to my point I am on the market for a phone as well. I don't make a lot of calls so I have been using a older phone I have with the old school digital message machine. The main thing with my phone is I have no pre sets for numbers. So yeah how bout some recommendations on phones.......
  10. memebag

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    But I do have something constructive to add: ditch the landline and use a cell phone. Why so touchy?
  11. I am using ECG with my landline for long distance calls. Being that those calls are limited for me it turns out to be very cheap. If you make lots of long distance calls it would probably be more expensive.

    As I understand it DECT is the standard now.
  12. TheScionicMan

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    I get VOIP from my ISP, Speakeasy.net. Comes with messaging. Even emails a copy of the .wav file to my GMail which basically archives the vmail forever.

    They have a feature called OneLink DSL that doesn't require having landline phone service. it's only 6 bucks more compared to the 12 - 20+ for a landline.
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  14. mrpacs

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  15. limegrass69

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    I have a 5.8 GHz system from Uniden (TRU-8866) which has 2-line operation. I don't have consistent mobile coverage where I live, so I have phone service from my cable company (I ditched Verizon years ago).

    I have 5 handsets on the system, and other than 1 or 2 dead spots in the house (probably a function of where I placed the base), it's been pretty good for me. Sound quality is very good. It does not have an answerer, but that's OK with me since my phone service has voice mail which is perfect for me. Uniden has models with answering machines built-in.

    Just about every home wireless handset you can find gets mixed reviews. Just watch out for the 2.4 GHz systems as some of them can mess with a home wireless network if you have one of those...

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