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    Microsoft is reportedly planning to introduce its new Windows Lite operating system during the Build 2019 developer conference which takes place May 6-8 at Washington State Convention Centre in Seattle. Microsoft says Windows Lite is for "lite" users and Windows 10 is for "heavy" users. (Microsoft has now joined all the food and beverage manufacturers who think "light" is spelled "lite.") The new operating system is intended to compete with Google's Chrome OS. Brad Sams, executive editor for BWW Media Group in Cincinnati, offers a preview -- and if you're wondering, BWW stands for "Blue Whale Web."

    Microsoft's Lite OS starts simple with plans to scale up

    Microsoft's Lite OS Starts Simple With Plans to Scale Up - Petri

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    I've got a small (cheap) Lenovo touchscreen laptop that I use for my band. I mostly run mp3's, view PDFs of sheet music, and dropbox on it. A light version of Windows would be great.
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    I am sure it will be light on everything but the price.
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    Win 10 sucks up a ton of hard drive space on the thing. It would be nice to make some room and reduce the boot time.
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    I'm trying out the new Windows Lite and it kinda sucks.

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