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Discussion in 'Windows' started by TX WJ, Dec 27, 2012.

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    I just bought a new laptop for Mrs. Bag. I spent the last two days setting it up. I agree with everything in that video, just about, but somehow I got to the desktop and never bothered with the Metro interface. If the desktop had an "all programs" menu someplace on it, I'd really like Windows 8. The task manager and performance monitor are f-ing fantastic now. They show you so much useful diagnostic information compare to any other OS. The explorer windows have lots of useful crap you can turn on at the top now. The copy dialog shows a graph of throughput. I'd be tempted to buy Windows 8 for my other PCs if there was a way to disable the tablet stuff and add the "all programs" menu back. I'm still not sure how we'll find apps without that.

    But the real problem was it TOOK 2 DAYS TO SET UP A COMPUTER. Most of that was spent waiting on the recovery drive to be created and for iTunes to quit losing its shit. It makes me appreciate how brain dead simple the iPad is.
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    I was using my nephew's laptop with Win 8 for a few minutes on XMas, looking for some youtube vids and some sheet music. I only had about a minute and a half of interaction with Win 8, but man it made me feel old. It looked pretty cool up front though.

    No "all programs" sounds stupid though.
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    We've had to deal with it at work, and while it does look nice, and some features seem to be slick, I just get a giant clusterf*$k feel from them trying to combine touch/non-touch. It seems that now, neither method of interacting with the system is very good. I can't imagine anyone on a non-tablet anting to touch their screen all day, so why not break the 2 apart?
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    Windows 8 sales and adoption thus far has been well below MS expectations and projections. This is not surprising because its just a cluster ferk in my opinion. Don't have to worry about this at the office, but I do try to keep up because of family and friends that will at some point get stuck with this crap.
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    Our office is still on XP. I woudn't mind if they moved to Windows 7 but I hope they don't jump all the way to 8. They have done stupider stuff.
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    Pure Garbage! Now I feel better! :)
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    It is weird to not have an all programs area to find stuff. I'm also not one for apps, and the whole other half of the system is set up for apps. I picked up a new machine just for streaming, and loading all my music and photos on it. It streams great from the apps, and everything else too. The last two machines have been on vista and 8 now. Maybe I just like to frustrate myself.
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    I may be in the minority on this board at least, but I use windows 8 on all my personal machines. Once you get used to the fact that the start menu is really now just a start page with scrolling, then you can operate the thing as well or better than when it was Windows 7. Know a couple shortcuts such as search is as simple as typing while looking at the start screen or Winkey+Q for those that prefer to be more deliberate. The OS is faster, uses less battery, and you get all the new apps.

    I have gotten others to switch to Windows 8, and with a half hour of showing them some of the cool benefits, they were excited about their computer again. It's not fore everyone, but I think it's for more than people realize. The new apps at least the good ones are pretty cool and convenient.
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    I disagree with your assessment Manco. The fact is Windows 8 is a huge ass flop. No large companies are going to be dumb enough to move to it. I do know a few smaller companies in my area that were able to get a crap load of copies from Tech Soup and upgrade all their systems. Now their IT guys constant stay busy dealing with the fall out. One in particular actually rolled everyone back to Windows 7 it was such a pain in the ass. Trying to run an operating system with two environment is just dumb! Many in the PC industry blame MS for killing their sales and some companies that had left over PC stock with Windows 7 on it had brisk sales.

    You can paint it up and say what you will, but I know very few people that have gone to Windows 8 that say they like it and think it cool. Most of them SAY HOW CAN I GET RID OF THIS SHIT!
  11. HecticArt

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    As someone who's spent a good amount of time actually using W8, I appreciate your review. A recent coworker had 8 on his machine and he liked it too, after having a chance to get used to it.

    My new machine that I just got last week has 7 on it, so I won't get to give it a proper tryout for a while.
  12. memebag

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    Windows 8 has some cool new things. It has some other things that would be cool with a touch screen but are a bad fit for a mouse. Eventually Microsoft will sort it out and provide options for mice users. That's when I'll upgrade.
  13. Manco

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    Enterprises should not migrate to Windows 8 if all their people are trained on XP/Vista/7 because of training considerations. However for the rest of us, we can select what works best for us. A computer that's also a tablet has much appeal to me personally, obviously you prefer to have two devices instead.

    The most recent convert was a 67 year old man, once I upgraded his 6 year old laptop, showed him a few tricks, gave him my phone number in case he got stuck, he was happy. He called me once so far in 4 days because he couldn't remember how to reboot the machine. When I called him back, he had already figured it out and was happy with some of the apps he was using from the Windows store. He said he likes the start screen without prodding which surprised me.

    Windows 8 has sold 60 million licenses so far, not a failure for sure. Of course there are mixed reviews, but the future is here today, and eventually people will be using something like Windows 8 even if it comes with an Apple label - imo.
  14. Manco

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    I've been using Windows 8 on multiple monitor machine, and I like how you can have the start screen on one, and traditional desktop on the other or desktop on both. It's great for developers in that way if you are a developer.
  15. geosync

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    I agree about many office settings not migrating too quickly. I worked in them, so I'm aware how change can be in an office of different people with varying levels of comfort using any OS. Out of the box it does present you with more than a few quandaries. I'm a trial and error type of learner, so I just hit buttons and see what happens. Some have to be shown, rather they just give up and never learn how. It is helpful to know some of the older school keyboard shortcuts. I also don't think anything can be deemed a failure after six months. I don't use mine as a traditional desktop, I mostly stream content via the web and files I've put onto the machine. It is the fastest os I've dealt with to this point from windows.
  16. DAB

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    I never said Windows 8 was a failure, I said it was as flop and it is. Just ask the PC makers that saw sales plummet in what MS said would be record sales for them because of their new OS. Well that has not materialized. I am not a big fan of analyst I can tell you that, but most say that the sales drop in PC is directly related to Windows 8. How they made that correlation is that many companies still had/has stock of Windows 7 machines and their sales spiked. Window 8 outsold it, but only because it was on all new machines of which sales SHARPLY declined. Some of that is the economy I am sure, but the word out there is folks should avoid Windows 8 until MS can make up their damn mind about rather this is an desktop or tablet OS. The biggest mistake they made was removing the regular start menu and just allow folks to just default to the old desktop and turn off the tablet interface all together. It would have been a simple solution, but they knew if they did this most would just turn it off and never use it.

    Simply put as some said it has some cool things, but the negative feedback out weighs the good because of the big learning curve and depending on your environment training involved and that isn't just my opinion that is the opinion of many reviewers in the tech world period. By the way for as many as they have sold, they are actually running way below what their 6 months projections were. This is what I mean by flop. Overtime they will sell millions of copies just because if you buy a new machine that is what is coming on it, like it or not. What is crappy is PC makers like HP, Dell and even Lenovo aren't supporting downgrading anymore on many of their newer model machines, which means you are out on your own or you have to live with Windows 8. Like anything you can get use to it, but it doesn't mean you like it necessarily.

    I don't argue that as a tablet interface is bad, I'd say in that aspect its good. But I am of the opinion that unless you are on a touch enabled device, you should have the ability to just disable the tablet interface. This would have made it much more acceptable especially to those upgrading machines that are non touch screen enabled such as desktops. I also think on non touch enabled setup that it should by default go into desktop mode with the familiar start menu.

    You know Apple is very much so pushing to combine the desktop and touch of iOS experiences in OSX. However, they opted to do this via a slow roll and over a few upgrades. This allows a very low learning curve and doesn't alienate their core user base. Its a much smarter approach. This isn't to say that Apple don't screw the pooch sometimes as well because we all know they do. But their approach to making the tablet and desktop experience one in the same is a hell of a lot better than Microsofts.
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    The slow down in PC sales is precisely why Microsoft had to move so aggressively with Windows 8. This trend was happening long before Windows 8 appeared. Progress is not always a smooth transition. Apple is headed where Microsoft is, it appears we agree. So now Microsoft is leading in that regard as they have the solution today. They did the all at once approach, and refine it from there rather than a bit at a time. Nobody would upgrade for a bit at a time in the Microsoft world. They are used to getting the whole thing at once, and having it supported for 10 years or more. Windows 8 is the beginning of the new integrated approach, it will only get better from here. I don't see Microsoft retreating from this approach because otherwise they are stuck with a downward trend in PC sales that is not good for them.
  18. DAB

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    I get your point, but the fact is the lets just do it all at once was just absolutely dumb. Progress can be smooth if you plan it correctly and have a very clear direction as to where you want to get. This has always been a problem area for MS.

    Now we have to look forward to Windows Blue where they will not totally roll things back, but actually allow a direct to desktop mode where you can totally by-pass the new start up crap. So, YES they are going to retreat in a sense, because the fact is that this dual environment is just not finding much acceptance. One thing they did was failed to recognized that most machines that are out there in use today are not touch screen based.

    If they had just been smart and did what they plan to do with Windows Blue from the start that would have been smart.

    I would say MS is headed where Apple is, but unfortunately for them they have yet to put out a tablet that has done much more than be a blimp in sales. MS is a leader by history and by virtue on owning the desktop market, which is now in huge decline in favor of tablets for which they have no real solution and thus far none of their partners have been able to break out with anything that is really competing head to head with iOS and Android Tablets. They certainly can't rely on enterprise with this version of Windows in it current state.

    So now we wait.. next MS solution Windows Blue!
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    This is a Win 8 review thread.
    Start a Win / Apple comparison thread so this one can stay on topic.

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    They have had tablets (from manufacturers) since 2000. Problem is they were early to the game and only had those products in the commercial sales channel.

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