Wii Nunchick problems--anyone else?

Discussion in 'Games & Consoles' started by Vargas, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. Vargas

    Vargas Molon Labe!

    Bought the Wii for our son who is five.

    Bought an extra Nunchuck (the off brand version) so he could play with his friends or with me.

    The off brnad went bad and the store swapped it out for another one.

    Now, this one gets stuck. It acts as if somebody is pushing down the C or Z button when nobody is. This is a pain in the ass when playing a game but it is also a pain on the Main Menu screen because you can't get the hand to stop blinking.

    Anyone else having problems like this with their Nunchucks? Now, being realistic, it could be that my 5 year old isn't as easy on things as he should be but in his defense, I've never seen him abusing the controller.

    Are the nunchucks sucky? Or could it be the Wii remote itself?
  2. JoeTan

    JoeTan Well-Known Member


    The end.

    Other than that the REMOTE itself will go wacky once in a while but nothing removing the batteries and replacing them doesn't fix. Today mine started flashing and vibrating out of control. Remove batteries, replace and it's all better.
  3. Evil_Ernie

    Evil_Ernie Smell my finger

    What he said...

    Always look for this seal when buying stuff for Nintendo:

  4. Vargas

    Vargas Molon Labe!

    that is kind of what I figured. Need to pay the extra $5 to get the official nunchuck.

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