Why you should use Songbird


Oct 10, 2008
Chicago, IL
Hey everyone,
In a different thread people asked where we get our music. Download, stores, etc. I mentioned that I am a fan of a program called Songbird. Here is the description of that program.

Songbird is a media player being built by a team somewhere in CA. It's still not in a final release but is very much stable enough to use on a regular basis.
It's built on the framework of the Firefox Browser, which if you don't have I suggest downloading as well.

When using Songbird the home screen is the Library. If you want, you can open up a new tab, just like in Firefox, and browse the internet per usual. If you are on a site that has music embedded, a music blog for example, a new pane will come up with all of the music on that page listed in a playlist. You can listen from that playlist and even download the music from that page if you feel so inclined.

It's a little difficult to explain without having seen it. I've never successfully explained to someone what the program does with actually showing them. Imagine iTunes mixed with Firefox.

It is compatible with iPods and pretty much every MP3 player. Since it is built on the backbone of Firefox, you also get add-ons to add functionality.

Like I said it is still in beta and not at its final release candidate so go into it knowing that. Other than that you should certainly try it out.


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Oct 12, 2008
New Paris, OH
I would use it, but the version I had (it may be different now) I didn't like couldn't handle my podcasts. If they put an easier way to do my podcasts where it's as easy as iTunes I'd use it all the time.