Why XMs Jazz Channels over Sirius??


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Oct 19, 2008
Northern NJ
I really like Pure Jazz, and hte personalities from early morning and into the night.

Now there is no one in the morning and this guy Ruffin all afternoon, stumbling over every other word.

The music is also questionable. He played some awful vocal right before going off the air tonight just before 6 that made me look to see if i was still on the jazz channel.

Pure Jazz was consistently good jazz with well spoken, knowledgable on air personalites. Yes, Les Davis is still there and so is Rhonda Hamilton, but no one on the drive in and this bozo until 6PM for the ride home.

Too bad. Sirius takes over but goes all XM for all classic rock (Vinyl, Rewind and Deep) and all jazz. Yet they keep the crappy Sirius playlists for the alt channels. :confused:


Nov 22, 2008
Before the merger, Sirius and XM Jazz was pretty much a toss-up. They were both good, but not outstanding. One wasn't really better than the other.

However, Sirius definitely had the edge in Classic Rock. I'm also curious as to why they went "all XM".