Why is Best of so poor?

Discussion in 'SiriusXM Soundwave Cafe' started by Tgajr, Oct 19, 2008.

  1. Tgajr

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    Look at these channels they are offering. Who the hell listens to golf on the radio? Why not one of the unique XM channels.

    For example, instead of offering Martha Stewart No one is listening Radio, offer Sirius Disorder. They should use this to help people get programming not available on their service, but not only for talk. Then they will pay for the add on.

    Another example. There is NO Grateful Dead channel on XM. If it were part of the best of sirius, people from XM might get it.

    And who are they fooling by offering Oprah as best of. What bullshit. Get real!

    Ok here is my Best of Sirius - it bet it would sell more than what they are offering

    Howard 100
    Howard 101
    Sirius Disorder
    Sirius NFL Radio
    Sirius Nascar Radio
    The Grateful Dead Channel

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  2. MikeV

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    I would imagine that you'll find music channels between the services coming in sync with the November programming update. You'll also probably find that any of your favorite XM music channels will likely be replaced with Sirius' versions of those channels.
  3. ovrrdrive

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    To each their own. What you're really looking for is an ala cart option. Personally, I have no use for Howard even though I know he's wildly popular. I gave him a listen when he first came on, gave him credit for doing some of his best work ever and then quit listening to him all together. As far as talk radio goes, I spend several hours a day listening to Afternoon Advice on Playboy and as luck would have it, they were part of the offering for the xm guys. That made the Best of offering for XM subs seem like a pretty good deal to me. If you really want to see crap, look at the best of XM for the sirius subs. If they gave it to me for free I wouldn't listen to any of that stuff.

    Like I said though, to each their own.
  4. goreds2

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    I realize that satellite radio is probably more male dominated but they had to add some female content in there.

    I am hoping more Best Of content is added to both services in te future. For example, I hope Radio Margaritaville is added to B.O.S.
  5. hwkn

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    I asked about getting the Grateful Dead Channel on XM on one of the Grateful Dead boards I frequent and David Gans[one of the people behind the channel] replied that it'll be on XM eventually[hopefully by November].
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