Why does Sirius insist on having Brian France on?

Discussion in 'NASCAR' started by DexterMorgan, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. DexterMorgan

    DexterMorgan Active Member

    He brings nothing but drivel and nonsense to any interveiw he conducts. In fact I am confident in that Jon Wood offers up more intellgent insight into anything than Brian France does. In a 10 minute interview Brian manages to say ABSOLUTLY NOTHING!!
  2. Snoozer

    Snoozer Well-Known Member

    He should get into politics.
  3. mccastle

    mccastle Member

    Could you imagine what Nascar would be like if Jon Wood was in charge??? :eek:mfg:
  4. riskybzns

    riskybzns Well-Known Member

    i'm pretty sure sirius didn't insist on having him on, or did i miss something?
  5. Easy Money

    Easy Money Active Member

    Ill agree he's full of crap, but HE called into Claire's show. Thats the only time I remember hearing him in recent memory.
    And he's already in politics.....................NASCAR!!!!!!!!!!

    As for Jon, god have mercy on us if he comes back next year. But the way it seems, he may not have any reason to be on next year.
  6. semipenguin

    semipenguin Cheeseburger Connoisseur

    J.J. Yeley doesn't have any reason to come on, but they had him on anyway...:right:

    They should have him on once a week. He could be the Driver-of-the-Day like they used to do on The Driver's Seat. Let him do the Dramatic Read...:)
  7. mghtx

    mghtx 2000 Man

    Anytime France or Mike Helton is on I just turn the channel because you'll NEVER get anything substantial out of it. One: the host never asks anything that will be difficult or embarrassing and Two: if listeners are allowed to call in the questions are always softballs.

    The only time nascar gets tough questions is at a press conference or after a race. I can recall Poole really going at it after a couple of races this season.
  8. dpkimmel2001

    dpkimmel2001 Well-Known Member

    Let's see how it goes next year now that France will be a monthly guest on TMD. How though will that be? :scratch:
  9. DexterMorgan

    DexterMorgan Active Member

    "Let's see how it goes next year now that France will be a monthly guest on TMD. How though will that be? "

    Your joking about this right?
  10. SubmarineMike

    SubmarineMike Member

    France on a show each month i only good if we the fans get to ask unscreened questions of him.
  11. dpkimmel2001

    dpkimmel2001 Well-Known Member

    Poole said this on the show yesterday. :yesshake:
  12. Easy Money

    Easy Money Active Member

    That will NEVER happen.
  13. DexterMorgan

    DexterMorgan Active Member

    When Brian was on The Drivers Seat last year you could tell that the questions were clearly planted and screened.

    To hear that Brian will be on the show infuriates me to no end. Why on earth would anybody want him on thier show on a regular basis? Didnt anybody learn anything about him after the 3 press conferences he had after the Phoenix race? He doesnt offer a damn thing.
  14. Easy Money

    Easy Money Active Member

    He contributes massive jibberish!
  15. MicEd

    MicEd Member

    quit your crying

    You so called fans never cease to amaze me.First you complain about the meaningless never ending calls to shows that are set up for that purpose.and then when they schedual some meaningful content or guest you complain about that to. why don'tyou get over yourselves and sell oyour radios then you won't have to listen even by accedent. oh and i didn't spell heck this either
  16. DexterMorgan

    DexterMorgan Active Member

    "some meaningful content or guest"

    These words do not apply to this thread.
  17. SubmarineMike

    SubmarineMike Member

    MicEd it is only meaningful if we the fans can ask the questions we want to ask without them being screened.
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2008
  18. antsie

    antsie Well-Known Member

    No worries..........spell checking is over rated!
  19. riskybzns

    riskybzns Well-Known Member

    you mean let someone like jack bauer ask the question?
  20. semipenguin

    semipenguin Cheeseburger Connoisseur

    I need it or I'd look even dumber than I really am...:shock:

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