Why can't XM play-by-play channels 237-246 also be used for the NBA?

Bandit 5160

Oct 31, 2008
Right now, the NBA is the only one of the big 4(big 5 if you count NASCAR) of pro sports that does not have all of its games available on XM. But if they would use there extra PBP channels for the NBA, they'd be MORE than enough. Alas, they are mostly used for NHL. XM ensures we get every NHL game, but doesn't do the same for the NBA. And it's not a space/bandwidth issue. If they can put on all those NHL games, they can put on all of the NBA too. Normally, a night with a heavy NBA schedule will feature a light NHL schedule, and vice versa. So there will always be room for all of the NHL AND all of the NBA on any given day.