"White People Wake Up!!!!!!!"

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by craigiecubsfan, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. Daniel Carver is a genius. Hilarious call, and most of his points were actually valid. The man spoke the truth. Great call!
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    Wake up White People!

    His points about Obama Being elected for being only black seem crazy, but a lot of people think this.
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    I don't think he was elected just because he was black but I'm sure that was the only reason for a lot of people.

    I definitely agree with him on what would happen if anything happened to Obama.
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    Even a blind, ignorant, backass, backwoods, inbred fucking douchebag racist squirrel finds a nut once in a while. Doesn't make him a "genius", but it may make anyone who calls him a "genius" into the same type of ignorant, backass, backwoods, inbred fucking douchebag racist.

    In other words, I see Cragiecubsfan hasn't changed his stupid schtick. :rolleyes:
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    I haven' t heard that bit yet but I for one believe that Obama was elected in spite of being black.... He's clearly a very smart guy (president of the Harvard Law Review is a no-bullshit achievement). As the campaign dragged on it was clear that this guy had brains, organizational skills, poise under pressure and character.. I was not a supporter but he made me a believer...

    As for Daniel Carver, he's a hard core rascist despite the intelligence that bursts through every now and then. One of the greatest moments in show history (for me) was the Daniel Carver Roast. Naturally everyone on the panel was out to humiliate and outwit him. But when the smoke had cleared it seemed as though Carver had outwitted the roasters. That's the kind of unscripted outcome that rarely happens anywhere else in the entertainment world.
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    That outcome could have been predicted (and was sort of predicted by Artie) because there has to be a rapport between the roasters and the roastee, and letting a bunch of black guys go off on a hardcore racist is the opposite of having a rapport. There wasn't any way they could win, because everything they bagged on Carver for, Carver saw as a plus. Usually, one gets uncomfortable at a roast because the roasters expose some sort of weakness or flaw, but every weakness and flaw they exposed, Daniel turned into a strength. Nothing could cut him because he wasn't embarrassed by what he is. So every joke that landed gave Daniel a chance to agree with it and counter it with a restatement of his racism.

    Taking Daniel seriously enough to roast him was a mistake. The biggest joke you can play on Daniel is to shut up and let him speak for himself.
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    That makes sense.
    The disarray that existed after the roast reminds me of time the Amazing Randy did a group hypnotism and was raising tables and I don't know what else... the whole studio was in disarray. I love those moments.
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    That was the one where Randi proved that hype, groupthink, and mass hysteria can alter one's perception of reality. He had absolute, irrefutable, on-camera proof that people were lifting their knees under the tables, and the participants still swore that something paranormal was causing it. I love it when Randi skewers the phonies.
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    Talk about clinging to guns and religion...
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    I think the whole Daniel Carver thing is a bit played out.
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    I think Daniel is playing a bit, he actually seems to have affection for Robin.

    But that Nazi wife of his is hardcore.

    It was funny when Artie asked Daniel if her white dolls and black dolls have moved closer together since Barack got elected and Daniel immediately replied "Them dolls ain't movin' anywhere!"

  14. I am a realist. Some can't handle that. You on the other hand are a tool who will never kiss a girl and get to 10,000 posts before years end. Congrats on being so witty and cool.
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    Perhaps you haven't heard about the new rules. But that's ok, there weren't any rules at SBS and you still managed to get your sorry ass banned, which will probably happen before I get to 1000 posts, never mind 10000.
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    "Obama's black? I don't see color." -S Colbert.
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    All I know is that he's a long legged Mac Daddy.
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    With a mean fade away jumper!

    Now thats what i look for in a president.
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    I didn't know what I was looking for, till I saw it on a big ol' set o' tits!!
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    Now that he's in office, maybe Obama will start correcting people by saying that he's half-black like Howard used to do all the time when people called him a Jew and he'd say he's a "half-Jew"...

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