While Howard was away


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Oct 13, 2008
Canada Eh!
June 23, 2009 Ed McMahon dies.
June 25, 2009 Michael Jackson dies.
June 25 2009, Farrah Fawcett dies.
October 12 2009: Various Columbus Day celebrations across the United States.


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Oct 11, 2008
Something just seems hollow about all the Soupy Sales coverage without Howard putting his two cents in. 2 cents we can all pretty much figure out:

"I really admired him. I was angry and I took it out on him instead of NBC. I handled it wrong. Anything else, Robin?"

It's not like Soupy was found hanging nekkid in a closet. What's he gonna say?


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Oct 14, 2008
President Obama's Schedule Today (FRIDAY 10/23/09)

Font size Print E-mail Share 1 comments Posted by Kevin Hechtkopf In the morning, President Obama will travel to Boston. The president will tour a research laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and then deliver remarks on clean energy and the stimulus act.

Later, Mr. Obama will deliver remarks at fundraisers for Gov. Deval Patrick, D-Mass., at the Westin Copley Place in Boston.

The president will then depart Boston and travel to New York City. He will then go to Stamford, Conn., where he will tour a small business with Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Conn. Mr. Obama will then deliver remarks at a fundraising dinner for Dodd at the Stamford Hilton. The president will then return to Washington.

Here's the full schedule from the White House (all times Eastern):

10:05AM: President Obama departs The White House en route Andrews Air Force Base

10:20AM: President Obama departs Andrews Air Force Base en route Boston, Massachusetts

11:30AM: President Obama arrives in Boston, Massachusetts

12:00PM: President Obama tours a research laboratory (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

12:30PM: President Obama delivers remarks challenging Americans to lead the global economy in clean energy (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

2:05PM: President Obama delivers remarks at fundraising reception for Governor Patrick (Westin Copley Place)

2:45PM: President Obama delivers remarks at fundraising event for Governor Patrick (Westin Copley Place)

3:40PM: President Obama departs Boston, Massachusetts en route New York City

4:35PM: President Obama arrives in New York City

5:15PM: President Obama and Senator Dodd tour a small business in Stamford, Connecticut

6:45PM: President Obama delivers remarks at fundraising dinner for Senator Dodd (Stamford Hilton)

8:00PM: President Obama departs New York City en route Andrews Air Force Base

8:55PM: President Obama arrives at Andrews Air Force Base

9:10PM: President Obama arrives at The White House

President Obama's Schedule Today (10/23/09) - Political Hotsheet - CBS News


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Oct 24, 2008
Harrisburg PA.
November 19, 2009 - Robin's appearance on Jeopardy! (aired after the show's broadcast ended) :-D
I wish she would have done better but then again it is Jeopardy. I played along and I did MUCH worse, I think of all the questions asked I may have gotten 3 right.


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Oct 18, 2008
Tiger Woods was "seriously injured" in a car crash (turned out to be facial lacerations).