Which Cell Phone Provider/Plan Do You Have?

Discussion in 'Mobile & Wireless' started by Learjet35A, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. Learjet35A

    Learjet35A Member

    I just purchased the MOTOROKR z6m from MetroPCS. I got the $50 plan called "Extreme Unlimited" which is their highest cost option that includes a ton of free services and unlimited local and long distance calls.

    What do you currently have?
  2. DaJoker

    DaJoker New Member

    iPhone3G with AT&T and it's associated costs. I think I come in around 110 bucks total for 4 lines, 5G data on 3 of the 4, unlimited data on iphone, and unlimited text on all.
  3. limegrass69

    limegrass69 Confused

    Blackberry 8830 World Edition from Verizon.

    Blackberry Data plan (BES) to connect to my corporate servers
    900 minutes/month
    Unlimited N&W calls
    Unlimited iN (Verizon to Verizon) calls
    500 texts/unlimited Verizon texting
    Blackberry Tethering Add-On (lets me use the Blackberry like an air card for my laptop)

    Comes in at around $125/month. I'm on a corporate plan where all mobile users pool their minutes. We get some corporate discounts off of that $125 price (maybe $10-15/mo.)
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  4. secrecyguy

    secrecyguy Member

  5. bigdaddyII

    bigdaddyII Member

    Just switched from Sprint to Alltel. All I need is a simple phone that makes phone calls, with Sprint I had a Razr V3m, and so did my wife with a 1400 minute family plan. With Alltel, I like the V3m and ended up getting a V3a, which I now regret, Motorola really got stingy with this phone. Anyway the plan is 900 minute family plan with 10 my circle contacts.
  6. limegrass69

    limegrass69 Confused

    Alltel has some decent plans. Enjoy them while you can...you'll be Verizon pretty soon.
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  7. J3ff

    J3ff Member

    I have a HTC Touch Diamond on Sprint.

    34 a month after taxes (SERO 500) Gets me:

    5pm nights and weekends
    1000 peaks mins
    Unlimited internet/tv
    Unlimited texting/pic message

    I'm keeping this plan for life! They'll have to pry this plan away from me. I've never even come close to going over my mins.
  8. bigdaddyII

    bigdaddyII Member

    I know, I dont think Verizon will be that bad though. My dad had them for years and left on principal due to a misunderstanding with a phone he had ordered.
  9. J3ff

    J3ff Member

    I left verizon because i was sick of getting rammed up the ass with horrible ugly phone UI's and their high charges.
  10. limegrass69

    limegrass69 Confused

    Verizon (coverage wise) is by far the best in the NY metro area. No contest.

    Their plans are not as generous as some of the other carriers, though.

    I've been with them for over 10 years, and have been very happy. I have users with phone/Blackberrys with all carriers, and I never get a complaint about Verizon's domestic coverage. Going out of North America is another issue, unless you have one of Verizon's global phones.
  11. ProperModulation

    ProperModulation Green Type of Tube

    Tmobile with a Razr2 (unlocked European version). Tmobile has given me good service so I can't complain. Although it seems like I'm always the one without service when I go to out of the way places like camping or whatever.
  12. limegrass69

    limegrass69 Confused

    Yeah...in the more populated areas (city/immediate metro), the coverage is very similar in most cases. Once you get into the suburbs or more rural areas, you start to see differences. Sometimes those differences can be rather dramatic.
  13. late1

    late1 Member

    Sprint Everything!

    I have it on a Moto Qc9 and I have unlimited everything for only $99 a month.
    Unlimited talk, text, and internet.
    I can stream Sirius and even use my phone as a high speed modem for my laptop.
  14. mrpacs

    mrpacs Well-Known Member

    My wife & I just left VZW after 15 years for AT&T and 2 beautiful iphone 3G's - 16GB apiece.
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  15. Aaron

    Aaron Moderator

    I got a cheap phone with Alltel. Just the basics. About $45 month. I think texting cost .10 per message?
  16. Heather

    Heather Member

    I had Alltel but with the buyout, now Verizon, which is awesome. Coverage is so much better, I can actually use it in my house now. I upgraded the LG Scoop I had to a Blackberry Curve, on a family plan 1400 shared mins, mine has 1500 text(use to be unlimited on Alltel :( ). Also have the unlimited web & email. I sooo love the blackberry. :)
  17. MM

    MM Administrator

    I have the 1st Gen iPhone on AT&T with 450 minutes an unlimited data.

    At my last house in the boonies I had 5 bars all the time. Now in my new house much closer to a major city, I have no service.

    Then I had to get a house phone. :mad:
  18. Sirius Rich

    Sirius Rich Well-Known Member

    The Curve and AT&T.
  19. Wolf

    Wolf The Lone Wolf

    I have Sprint Everything plan and I own a Samsung Instinct phone.
  20. stumpy

    stumpy Guest

    Wife and I both have iPhone 3G. Best thing we ever did.

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