What is the up side of the channel cutting?

Discussion in 'SiriusXM Soundwave Cafe' started by Tgajr, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. Tgajr

    Tgajr Member

    Doesnt this mean more bandwidth and new possibilities?
  2. Wolf

    Wolf The Lone Wolf

    Probably not more bandwidth, but less of the same channels from both companies and down the road they will probably introduce new channels that each company never had before.
  3. blyons200

    blyons200 These pretzels are making me thirsty.

    Probably more single artist channels!:mad:
  4. ClubSteeler

    ClubSteeler Member

    It'll stop all these silly internet debates that people take way too seriously about whether Sirius or XM has better music.:bigthumbup:
  5. Jgatie

    Jgatie Banned

    Ding! We have a winner!
  6. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    First of all do we know there will be actual channel cutting? I think we are more likely to see channel merging of like channels, this is is to stream line the operation so that these channels can be programmed from one location with less staff. I also think there will be some unique channels that remain on each platform that you won't be able to get on the other. I honestly almost wish they would just duplicate the music across both platforms, but that would indeed mean channel cutting. We may lose a few channels becaues they do have to provide those minority channels by a certain time frame and the bandwidth has to come from somewhere.
  7. Manco

    Manco Active Member

    Once they start changing the music channels, the company is in for a bumpy ride. I would expect cancellations to increase dramatically in the short run. In the long run it is the right thing to do because they do need to save money to survive but be ready for lot's of churn.
  8. Wolf

    Wolf The Lone Wolf

    That too!
  9. Fergz99

    Fergz99 Member

    If they kill the XM music channels it will piss a bunch of people off and lose subs.
  10. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    I think they have apparently weighed it out and decided that the potential loss in subs vs the money saved is worth the risk. I agree though there will be a high amount of churn on the XM side initially.
  11. satradfan

    satradfan New Member

    We may see a bit of churn as SiriusXM merges and changes channels...but I think it's going to be a very small number

    Losing XMU, for example, (and gaining Alt Nation and Left of Center) just doesn't seem like reason enough to cancel a satellite radio subscription for most...if someone is so absolutely die-hard about one music channel then maybe, but new music channels, news, talk, sports, Howard Stern, O &A, Traffic, etc...should and will, in my opinion, be enough to greatly limit the effect of these changes.
  12. IdRatherBeSkiing

    IdRatherBeSkiing Sherbert is not and never will be ice cream

    You would definatly lose some dual subs on one side or ther other.
  13. ctkatz

    ctkatz Member

    if people were that die-hard about their music, then i would speculate the weren't much of a satellite radio fan but a fan of the music genre. if you filled up an mp3 player of those songs and artists these people liked and replaced it for their reciever, i don't think they would notice that much of a difference.
  14. Fergz99

    Fergz99 Member

    The problem with your statement is that you are saying the Sirius channels mirror the XM channels, and that is just wrong. I will not be willing to accept shallow playlists and multiple repeats.

    Lithium is not an acceptable replacement for Lucy. Hair Nation doesn't play any where near the variety of Boneyard. Sirius doesn't offer a movie music channel, a folk channel, a swing channel, a standards channel, nothing like XMX and no 90's channels.

    The services are nowhere near the same and just slapping Sirius on the XM sats will not work and will not be excepted by the XM subs.
  15. MikeV

    MikeV Member

    My sentiments exactly, which is why I've already moved on.
  16. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    Having been a dual subscriber for over 6 years I concur totally that these services are no where near the same. The music philosophies have always been totally different.

    It will be interesting to see how this all shakes out. I think for someone like myself that is a dual subscriber, will likely cancel at least one sub anyway. Right now I am just ready to throw in the towel, but I do already have alternatives in place should I make such a decision. I don't see myself totally canceling sat radio. But I can certainly see myself consolidating just like they are consolidating. There will just be no reason whatsoever to be a dual subscriber.
  17. IdRatherBeSkiing

    IdRatherBeSkiing Sherbert is not and never will be ice cream

    Other than hardware placement. It will force it for me at least for the short term. I have a Sirius lifetime and now a car with integrated XM. However, I would certainly reduce the number of subs on the XM side.
  18. down4six

    down4six Well-Known Member

    My Two Cents

    It's interesting to see how many people are jumping ship over speculations.

    When I decided to subscribe to satellite radio just over a year ago, I had looked at the line-ups of both services: the music, sports, and news channels. Both had programming I liked, Sirius just had more of what I wanted, such as NASCAR and Radio Margaritaville. I listen to at least a few hours a day, and I guess I never have noticed this lack of quality in music some people say there is, if I didn't like what was on one channel, there were many others to choose from from my presets.

    There has been many good points of view talked about here in DRC, and I believe everyone is entitled to their opinions. I'm in agreement with those who point out that the programming has to be based on the tastes of a large audience. I would love to see "niche" channels that fit my personal tastes, but everyone's tastes are different.

    I am looking forward to see what is going to come out in the next year. :bigthumbup:
  19. Much damage has already been done at XM.

    Check out this book........

    The Long Tail by Chris Anderson

    The Long Tail by Chris Anderson published by Random House
  20. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    Well I've been listening and if you listen to music, you'd never know anything was going on at XM. I think for folks that don't read blogs or forums on the subject probably don't know anything is even up.

    I am sure that is going to change very quickly however. But I agree with the others, jumping ship when you really don't know what is going to happen. I mean they may take the best programming from both sides and create some kicking channels. I guess the question is will they? I am going to wait and see, not jump ship!

    By the same token though everyone has their own way of looking at things and have to do what they feel is right for them and I totally respect that.

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