What is the capacity of the S50??


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May 6, 2009
I have saved and "loved" at least 500 songs in my S50 already, plus the few my channels auto saved entries. I do not save any shows but I do get worried that I might be close to the unit's storage limits..........Am I ?? Would my S50 start going nuts once it's out of memory?
Only problem that I had been having with the unit once in a while is signal drop offs in certain parts of the City (SF) which I'm pretty much used to and expect when I'm approaching certain areas like underpasses. Other than that, My S50just would not die (despite a case that's starting to show some wear) and keeps going on day after day of use. If it does finally die on me, would it be complicated to turn on the NIB S50 spare unit I have to connect properly with the Sirius/XM system, now that there had been so many program patches and updates in the past couple of years?? Would it update itself to the newest version programs automatically if I do turn it on.
TIA for any help on these two questions.



Nov 8, 2008
Remington, VA
IIRC, it has either a 1 or 2Gb capacity. I've had up to 1000 songs on it. Mostly short, under 3-minute punk songs tho. Most people have been able to fill it with about 750 songs, your mileage may vary. And no, it won't go ballistic if you fill it up. It will just tell you it's full when you try to add more.


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Oct 14, 2008
4-600. I record a lot of drawn out death metal though. 12min songs in some cases.


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Oct 11, 2008
Go into the Setup Menu, Content Management, Memory Usage. That will give you a usage percentage. I've found that the S50 just won't record anything once you get to 90%. When you start getting close, it will clear the MyChannels on its own.

Actual memory is 1 Gig. They rate it at 50 hours of recording time, but that would vary depending on content quality.

BTW, the firmware doesn't update automatically or OTA, for that matter. You have to connect it with My Sirius Studio program and update the firmware.

Also, if you call to change to the newer device, tell them it is a "warranty replacement" for your old unit and they may waive the transfer fee...