What happened to Non Political Talk Radio?

TSS Taylor

Oct 9, 2008
Chicago, IL
I'm searching for something online and I find this article.
TALKERS magazine - The Top Talk Radio Audiences

Maybe I never was in tune with the entire nation by NOT following much Political Talk Radio, except I did listen to Larry Elder for a period. But was Talk Radio always this dominated by Political Talk?

I'm hoping this can stay out of a Political Discussion, but isn't there more of a variety of topics that can pull huge audiences or am I just living in a bubble?

A lot of these people I had to google to find out who they are. It's amazing how I've never heard of so many of them considering they are broadcasting their message to millions of people.

The names I know on the list that DON'T do political type talk are.
-Dave Ramsey (does financial advice talk)
-George Noory (used to wait on him weekly, really nice guy, and always dated supermodel attractive young women :) )
-Kim Komando (has a gadget and technology show, a friend told me about her recently)
-Don Imus
-Tom Leykis (big fan, former listener. would love to see him on SIRIUS XM)
-Jim Rome (is sports really that much lower on the list than politics? as far as ratings go)


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Oct 11, 2008
Albany, NY
-Kim Komando (has a gadget and technology show, a friend told me about her recently)
I listened to her show a few times until I heard that she went off on satellite radio for some reason. Discovery Radio and her show were dumped from Sirius shortly after. :jj:

But who knows? Maybe those that tend to gravitate more towards male oriented talk in the vein of Howard and Bubba now gravitate towards satellite radio, podcasts, the internet, etc. And it seems the few shows that are about other topics end up on political talk stations anyway.


Nov 12, 2008
Kent, Ohio
There are a few stations in the country that have a talk format but the shows are more hot talk type shows. KLSX in Los Angeles, KCMD in Portland, WTKS in Orlando and WJFK in Washington are the ones that come to mind. KLLI in Dallas was one but recently flipped formats to sports. There used to be more, they were the ill-fated "Free FM" stations CBS started after Howard left.


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Dec 16, 2008
not to go political on anyone but I think you'll see more of the right-leaning hosts gain leverage now that the presidential administration will be changing, we always thrive when they have something to complain about. ;)


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Oct 11, 2008
KSLX in LA has some good talk hosts that are not political. Before 1/9/06 I used to listen to KSLX all day at work. Their midday show "Frosty, Heidi, and Frank" was good, mindless entertainment (and I mean that in a good way). Then it would be Leykis on my drive home of course. And Adam Carolla is pretty good. I only listen to him when I'm on travel for work (which is mostly to Seattle where he is simulcast).

Leo Laporte has a good tech show on AM stations around the country. I listen via podcast though. It's kinda nerdy but it's a good show.