What Does This Have To Do With The Show?

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by kryptonite, Mar 22, 2015.

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    What I was going for (if you look at the article) is that this guy wrote a book that is now being released as a movie, called "Stronger", which credits the bond with his wife as a major influence. And now, as the movie is about to be released, they're getting divorced. It's just like Howard with Private Parts.
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    Here's one. There's an obvious show connection and another one which may not be as obvious. Hopefully we can keep the political commentary minimal.

    "Somebody in Montgomery, Alabama, who I've never met, made the determination that they didn't like what I was saying?" Daubenmire said of the center...

    Klan vows renewed push in Ohio, other states - News - The Columbus Dispatch - Columbus, OH

    (As the article points out, Dave Daubenmire was a public high school football coach in the 90s who came under pressure from the ACLU when he lead his team in prayers...but that's not the connection.)
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    puzder's wife on oprah or 80s howard?


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    It's him from the Channel Noine days when Booey had that horrible pornstasche.

    Speaking of that, this morning on 101's Sternthology, we had them revisiting the Babapology tape from back in 2003.

    This afternoon, we had Houston and Brad in studio from 1999.

    Good times...
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    good old dominic. always getting into some sort of trouble.

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    Ha. I was going with Artie, but I totally forgot about everyone's favorite bloated attorney.

    But read the article I linked to. Seriously,
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    When officers arrived on scene they found a woman with a cut to her hand and a man, identified as Mark Mercer, with a deep cut to his neck.


    marksfriggin better still update on time!
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    In one of the Janks calls, he needed a fake name and the name "Mark Mercer" came to mind, so that's what he used.

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