What do you think the next portable will be like?

Discussion in 'XM Radios' started by GAMER, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. GAMER

    GAMER Member

    i think it will come out in about a year and be the size of the Inno with new features and retail for about $400.
  2. Derek

    Derek Member

    You know about the Xmp3 don't you? Or do you mean next radio after that?
  3. GAMER

    GAMER Member

    I would like to see DRM just go away so all formats are available.
  4. styckx

    styckx Member

    Never. XM doesn't exist anymore so you will never see another new XM radio.
  5. GAMER

    GAMER Member

    OK I stand corrected SIRIUSXM. I wonder if they are going to improve the portable with things like longer battery life and things like that.
  6. syphix

    syphix Member

    SIRIUS XM will not put the R & D into a new portable satellite radio without making it dual band capable. Simply not worth it, IMO.

    Based on their "divorce" from the Stiletto designer/maker, the next portable satellite radio will be:
    - like the XMp3 (screen quality, menus)
    - like the Stiletto (wifi enabled)
    - like an iPod nano (built in 8-16gb+ of memory...only some of which can be used for SIRIUS XM content, though...damn RIAA)
    - Dual band (able to subscribe to SIRIUS, XM, or both)

    At least, this is my wishlist...
  7. GAMER

    GAMER Member

    Add a touch screen and a 12 hour battery life and now were talking.
  8. Sirius Rich

    Sirius Rich Well-Known Member

    And add WiFi, full internet browsing, 3G phone and be able to run other applications. Oh, and put a piece of fruit on it with the Sirius Puppy.
  9. givemealiter

    givemealiter Member

    dude that would be so awesome if you could just take it inside of a building, they need to get a radio that can connect with a cell phone tower without the cell phone charges then i would have that very quickly
  10. blazer_5

    blazer_5 New Member

    It's called an I-phone with the Sirius app.
  11. HecticArt

    HecticArt Administrator

    There will be a lot more phone apps coming out.
    It'll be easier for them than having to deal with hardware sales.

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