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    Wierd Medicine is currently on XM 202 and Sirius 197 if anyone wants to listen. A great show where he takes calls on EVERYTHING.
  2. I love Weird Medicine, but can't stand PA John.
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    Here is the most recent update via the LINK above.

    Weird Medicine
    XM Radio Live Call-in: Whenever we can get to NYC, Channel 202
    Next show is planned for Nov 7th 2009. After that we hope to do live shows maybe once a month from Nashville.

    PreRecorded: Whenever Erock and Sam ‘n’ Dave give us a slot…no regular schedule for the near future, but we’re working on a three hour prerecorded show for the 9-12 EDST slot. We’re actually on more frequently now than we were when we were on a monthly schedule, but it’s just not on a regular basis. This makes it VERY hard to build an audience.

    …but I’m not complaining, we’re happy to have any airtime at all!
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    Weird Medicine = GREAT SHOW

    This will be on LIVE Saturday night (11/7/09) from 9pm - 11:59pm. (XM202 - SIRIUS 197)

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    on now!

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