Week Of 10/22: Live!

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by kryptonite, Oct 22, 2018.

  1. kryptonite

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    Fake Donald Trump and Sarah Silverman visited. We also heard from Speech Impediment Man.
  2. kryptonite

    kryptonite Well-Known Member

    Gonzo and HPE are on the phone now. Apparently Gonzo has a dog so now HPE wants one.

    Today's guest was Jonah Hill.
  3. sadchild

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    I caught some of the Bubba/Benjy call and I gotta say, as a non-fan of Benjy (I dread when he walks into the studio), he made two death blows to Bubba that deserve some kudos. First one was basically 'I may not be in the studio, but you're not even here anymore', which got a nice groan from Howard, Robin & Fred and left Bubba stammering for a comeback. And the second one was 'If I'm on thin ice, you're under it'.

    That being said, I was still relieved when Fred unplugged Benjy's mic. Brilliant move (I actually LOL'd) and I was ever-so grateful, because it quickly became....

  4. kryptonite

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    I may have to listen to that. When they do those "live on live" deals, whoever calls in always has subpar sound quality. I wish some enterprising pirate would splice the audio so it sounds like they're both in the same studio.

    I may have to listen to that bit.

    Today got a huge Brent vs Mehmet blowup and it sounds like they mentioned the package sent to CNN/Time Warner Center.
  5. The Butler

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  6. sadchild

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    Memet really showed his true colors today when he went after Brent, Jason & Gary.


    So here's a partial list of the stupidest, whiniest stuff Memet said today that proves he's absolutely that kid who's jealous of everyone, and will complain about how big his slice of cake is, no matter what size it actually is:

    1. If a movie shows that a woman doesn't need a man to protect herself, it's 'not real life'. This is that insecure guy type of thinking that includes the general statement that 'all women are helpless and weak'. I've met many a woman who can hold her own. I've read news articles of grannies kicking home invading guys asses. I hope someday some guy starts to mug Memet and a woman beats the mugger's ass, then beats his ass. Memet's a douche.

    2. Hot girls don't need personalities / What the hell are you gonna talk to a model about? Another blanket statement where 'if he has seen it a few times, it must be true for everyone'. My eye doctor today looked about 22 years old and was incredibly beautiful, very smart, and had a fantastic personality. Memet's a dope.

    3. 99 (he left out the word percent) of people joining the military don't care about the Constitution, the Bill Of Rights or protecting freedom, they only join for selfish reasons. He insists they're just like him - loser potheads who couldn't get into college. Both Brent and Robin put him in his place pretty quickly. I'm sure the families of some veterans who gave their life for this country would like a word with that punk. Memet's a shmuck.

    4. He said he's gotten the most ball busting 'in the entire history of the show'. Just when you think Memet can't say something more stupid than the last thing, this pops out. The busting of Gary's for the Gary Tapes alone makes that statement false, even without the baseball pitch, the Baba Looey art, the teeth, the vinyl, Techno-Beaver, and easily dozens more. KC got his balls busted 100x worse than Memet has. Jackie too. Stuttering John used to dish out worse ball busting that anyone does on that show anymore. Some have endured non-stop torture for decades, well beyond what Memet will ever see. Memet is insane.
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  7. kryptonite

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    So I was out of the show for most of the 2010-2015 contract.

    How did they find Memet? What is his background? I assume he's a "content producer" which probably means his job is to do whatever Jason does...maybe getting guests to come in and doing background research on them.
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  8. sadchild

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  9. The Butler

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    Much like the stray cats at Chimney Manor, Memet just showed up.

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