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Discussion in 'Sirius Portables' started by Java_the_Mutt, May 28, 2013.

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    Yes, I am still using an S50. I love the ability to record and listen back to shows on my iPod anywhere in the house courtesy of the powerful FM transmitter. I'm on my third unit, this one came off of eBay in February and worked beautifully until now. I've tried the 3 Finger Salute, but at some point, you have to connect to MSS to reload the firmware and I can't seem to get MSS to recognize that there's a radio plugged in. Can anyone help me - PLEASE!!!!!
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    Do You have the right version of MSS?

    There is one for the S50 and another for the Stiletto 10,100, and SL2.

    also try another USB jack.
  4. Java_the_Mutt

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    I have version 1.02.6923. When I plug in the receiver with the fat end of the cable in the receiver and the USB in the computer, MSS doesn't recognize the receiver. Am I supposed to be using a dock, maybe? Please forgive my ignorance, I've got three "bricks" on my hands and I thought it was finally time to try and fix at least one of them rather than buying yet another one off of Ebay!
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    Update: I got out my home dock and plugged it in that way and it actually started doing something! I briefly saw channel 26 Classic Vinyl picture and then, since it didn't have the antenna hooked up, it went to playlists. I plugged in the antenna and took it outside and when I came back in, the screen was black. I jiggled all the connections and the Sirius logo came up, but nothing more, so I started pushing buttons. When Im pushed the one with the two little arrows on it, the S50 read Do Not Disconnect. It's been like that for about 15 minutes now. Do you think it's rebuilding the firmware? MSS still doesn't see it.
  6. Java_the_Mutt

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    Holy Crap! I got tired of staring at Do Not Disconnect, so I unplugged it and took it back to my car dock that I use in the living room and it FRICKEN' WORKED!!!! YAY!!! It doesn't have any of the graphics, but I don't really mind - as long as it works and I can record and still listen while I do housework, I'm a happy camper! Thanks for listening!
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    Only from what I've read it's a self-updating receiver.

    If you need to go through a PC and access MSS I'll post a link with instructions you probably know and some FAQ at the bottom of the page. Let us know how things turn out.

    S50 Mandatory Software Update
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    I found this the older website to help me with me old s50. But did it have a lot of problems.

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