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Discussion in 'NASCAR' started by johnbom, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. johnbom

    johnbom Member

    Does anyone have the MP3 where the in-race announcer says "trouble in turn 2"?

    They mostly seem to have played that on Tradin' Paint.

    I wish to put it on my blackberry so everytime I get an e-mail or text alert is plays it.


    I don't mind paying for it, so if I need to be steered toward a pay site, please send the link.
  2. SubmarineMike

    SubmarineMike Member

  3. antsie

    antsie Well-Known Member

    The ring tone I want is Kevin James from King of Queens SCREAMING out those famous 3 words. I love hearing when they play that. I've heard it, just can't remember who's show it was on, I think it was Dave's?
  4. riskybzns

    riskybzns Well-Known Member

    i have the first time caller horns as my ringtone and where the kid from talladega nights says i'm all jacked up on mountain dew as my voicemail.

    if they play it again antsie, i'll get it for you.
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  5. antsie

    antsie Well-Known Member

    You ROCK!! I take back everything (well almost) that I said about you ;)

    If you do get it, the trick would be how would I get it on my phone? As you can tell, I'm clueless when it comes to that stuff lol
  6. riskybzns

    riskybzns Well-Known Member

    i can put it on a site like where you can download it from. the hard part is knowing what file type your phone plays. with that said, what is the make and model of your cell?
  7. antsie

    antsie Well-Known Member

    Oh wow, didn't know that was how it worked.

    I have a Verizon LG enV. It's the older one, not the new one they have out now.

    If you need more info then that, let me know.

    Thanks for your help risky
  8. riskybzns

    riskybzns Well-Known Member

    your welcome. i'll see what i can come up with.
  9. dpkimmel2001

    dpkimmel2001 Well-Known Member

    I have the Matthew Mcconaughey 3 famous words from the 2005 Daytona 500 as my ringtone. Kevin James was good, don't get me wrong, but Bongo Boy Matt really belted it out that day!
  10. riskybzns

    riskybzns Well-Known Member

    antsie, does your phone have a qwerty keyboard?
  11. semipenguin

    semipenguin Cheeseburger Connoisseur

    Was he also high & neked?...:right:

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  12. dpkimmel2001

    dpkimmel2001 Well-Known Member

    There is some free software out there called AUDACITY that allows you to record/edit any sound or sounds that you play through your computer speakers. You can cut out the section that you want and then export it as a wav file. There are other free software packages out there that then allow you to convert the wav file to any sound format that you wish. I use it all of the time to create my own ringtones.
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  13. dpkimmel2001

    dpkimmel2001 Well-Known Member

    High, probably - neked, no!
  14. antsie

    antsie Well-Known Member

    Yes it does have one
  15. antsie

    antsie Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info dp
  16. dpkimmel2001

    dpkimmel2001 Well-Known Member

    The other piece of software that I was talking about is called AudioCodec. You can convert .wav files to many other types of audio files that are compatible with just about every phone.

    Side note on the AUDACITY software. I know that this is a little, well probably allot, to the extreme but for those of you that like the streaming audio from driver to crew..... I've used AUDACITY to capture the audio from the TrackPass scanner. Once captured, you can eliminate the dead spots in the audio that are more than two seconds in length through its editing capabilities. I've then burned the remaining audio onto a CD to listen to later. You pick up on many things that were missed during the broadcast.
  17. antsie

    antsie Well-Known Member

    If anyone can help me with this, that would be great :)

    Risky recorded for me the Kevin James, gentlemen, start your engines that speedway plays. THANKS RISKY!!!!

    I'd like to use it as a ringtone, but here's my problem (one of the many lol)
    I'll be honest. I have no clue how to convert it and I'm not sure how it even gets put on my phone.

    dp, is the audiocodec a web site or is it a computer program I need to go get?

    Sorry for all the questions, but I really have no clue how wav files, mp3's and all that stuff works. :(
  18. dpkimmel2001

    dpkimmel2001 Well-Known Member

    The web site is AudioCodec

    The program is called AudioCodec as well. It can convert audio files to around ten different formats. I use it for making ringtones for my family's phones all the time.

    I guess all phones are different is which types of files they play. I convert all of mne to .mp3's for our phones. I have a USB cable that connects my phone to my laptop. It then simply treats the phones memory card as an additional drive on my computer. I can then transfer files back and forth. I think that I read earlier that someone said that you could email it somehow. I don't know how that works but if they are reading this, perhaps they can elaborate.

    If you give me the link to the .wav file that you want, I could convert it to all of the formats that I have available and send them back to you? I tried a quick search for that phrase, 'Trouble Turn Two' & .wav format. I did not find anything.

    Also...... Kudo's to the person that mentioned FireFox as an alternative to Internet Explorer. It is allot faster and has many more features. One of them is to capture all audio/video from any web site. Under the Tools - Page Info - Media tab, you are given the exact address of each of these items on a web site. You then have the option to download any individual piece.

    One last thing... Don't forget the other piece of software called Audacity. It allows you to capture any audio from any web site that plays through your speakers. You can use it in conjunction with AudioCodec to make all kinds of ringtones.

    The website is Audacity: Free Audio Editor and Recorder
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  19. MicEd

    MicEd Member

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  20. antsie

    antsie Well-Known Member

    dp thank you so much for all your information, it's very helpful. Risky recorded it from Moody's show yesterday and sent me a wav file I believe it's called. (I'm not sure if I have to do something to the speed in which I listen to it, because it sounds a little different then another verison I have heard. I'm sure it's not the file but me lol)

    Yesterday must have been Kevin James day, because a friend of mine said they found it also on youtube. It's not the "trouble in turn 2" that this thread is about (I'm sorry I got the thread off topic) it's the one Kevin James did. Here's the link they sent me, if you have time and want to try what you said, if you can capture it from him saying......God bless our troops and end it after the gentlemen, start your engines, that would be great.

    Would I find those cables at a Radio Shack or a computer store?
    Again, thank you for your help with this and Risky, thank you too for the file you sent me too :thankyou: :thankyou:

    Maybe I need to look into a training class on ring tones !!!


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