TOY-SC1 compatible with '08 4Runner?

Discussion in 'SiriusXM Install Bay' started by SubSonic, Dec 24, 2008.

  1. SubSonic

    SubSonic New Member

    I got a decent deal on a leftover but new 2008 4Runner and have read conflicting reports on whether or not the TOY-SC1 is compatible with the JBL Navigation System/4 Disc changer that is available in them from the factory.

    Anyone know first-hand or have solid evidence one way or the other?

    I am looking to use the TOY-SC1 along with a SCVDOC1 (or whatever is out there now) to use my Sportster 4 in. I think I can hide the S4 and its dock in the console.

    What say ye? Possible or no?
  2. SubSonic

    SubSonic New Member

    Not really a bump, but feel free to reply if you know something about this issue...

    Took delivery of my new 4Runner today and it is satrad-ready - it has a "Sat" button and no factory Sirius or XM tuner. I guess anything that says in the specs that it'll work with the "JBL NAV System" should be fine in it. Just FYI. The book that came with it even said it could be upgrade to XM or Sirius sat radio.

    When I get over this sprained back or pinched nerve or whatever it is, I'll buy the parts and maybe post some photos of the install once I get it done. Going to hide everything but the cradle and my Sportster 4, which will be either in the console or in the separate "hidden glove box" inside the glove box of these newer 4Runners.
  3. johnnyc42

    johnnyc42 New Member

    I have an 09 Corolla. SAT ready 6 disc radio. It wasn't listed anywhere as far as compatibility, but after reading a few older posts on, this is what I found out. (Obviously, I know we have different vehicles.) In the passenger rear side of my car is the wiring harness and antenna. I simply used the mounting bracket and harness that was supplied and connected to the stock harness. Two self mounting screws make mounting a breeze. The only issue I am having is ordering the not supplied antenna adapter to use my stock mount - not the hockey puck that is standard. The install took me all of 15 minutes once I found a logical place to mount the receiver and all of my wires are hidden. The point I am trying to make is once you find the wiring for the antenna and radio, there is your point of entry for your receiver. The display is only 16 characters, and the memory is lacking the features my starmate have, but well worth having.
  4. TSS Taylor

    TSS Taylor DRC Fan

    I'm going to send an email to someone about this. The Directed version is kinda vague over compatibility. In one part is says 2007 + but then there is another part of the compatibility that says that either 2008/2009 hasn't been tested or something. Probably won't get an answer back for a day or two.
  5. SubSonic

    SubSonic New Member

    Thanks. I've ordered both parts and am taking the chance that it'll work. If you get a response, on the TOY-SC1 especially, I'd appreciate knowing what they tell ya.
  6. TSS Taylor

    TSS Taylor DRC Fan

    I got an answer back. Yes it's compatible. Let us know how it all works out.
  7. SubSonic

    SubSonic New Member

    Will do TSS Taylor. Thanks for all the replies from everyone. Once I get it in my grubby little hands, I will send in an update - and maybe some photos of the install. It will be a doosey since it appears I am about to have to gut both the dashboard and the console just to get the components in...not to mention getting the antenna mounted and its lead routed to the
  8. SubSonic

    SubSonic New Member

    I got the TOYSC1 and SVCDOC installed over the weekend. Sorry, no photos. I took my info from an old post over at backstage (My 2008 4Runner TOY-SC1 & SC-C1 Installation - SIRIUS Backstage Forum) and one on how to tear out the console, dash and nav system for 2003+ 4Runners that I stumbled onto on the internet.

    I put the SC1 in the same black dropdown panel under the glove boxes shown in that link above, I mounted the doc in the "hidden glove" box that 4th gen 4Runners have above their normal glove boxes - I mounted it laying on its back - and shot the data and antenna leads out a hole I drilled in the back of this plastic box.

    The toughest parts were 1) dealing with all the cable that connects the TOYSC1 and SVCDOC - my doc and SC1 were 1' apart and no cable was needed - but you have to use that long one that came with the parts - the doc won't plug directly into the TOYSC1, bummer. I routed the excess cable through my center console because it would no all fit "in the dash" even bundled up tight and zip-tied. And 2) routing the antenna wire. That's always tough for me - want it to function right, look good, and not chafe or rub...put up on roof-center, just ahead of the rear lift gate. Managed to get it inside the cab back there (dremeled a relief groove in the metal under the weather stripping, and routed the wire under the stripping from where it came in the door area to where I crossed it over near the bottom of the tail lamp) and routed the wire along the passenger floorboard/trim/sills all the to just under the glove box area.

    Some folks take the antenna in through 1 of the 2 grommets back there in the 4R (one is for defroster I guess, other is washer fluid line) but I didn't want to try that. Looked like it was ripe for a failure if you didn't do it just so.

    As for the function - the TOYSC1 plugged in and worked perfectly. Based on some old posts at backstage, I set it to scroll from go, and it works fine in the JBL Nav Sys that is available in modern 4Runners. I also went through the volume level set deal I found in an old post at the other board (Presets 162534 in quick succession) and it (TOYSC1) was indeed set to low volme from the factory.

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