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    how about adding a forum for us roku soundbridge users
  2. Maybe you should see how many people participate in a thread for it first. No sense in creating a new forum if it does not get used. Right ?
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  3. AZDude

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    I'd like to read a review about it from someone who owns one. :cool:
  4. DAB

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    I agree, lets see if there is a demand for a forum before we create one. We don't want a bunch of empty or non-used forums.
  5. Dragline

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    I've had a Roku Soundbridge for almost 2 years now and have been very pleased with it. I use it mostly for Internet radio stations, but have occasionally used it to listen to Sirius (via uSirius). I use it daily for about 6 - 10 hours a day and have never had any problems with it.

    I use the wireless mode, and the only "con" that I can think of was that, depending on your router, it may be difficult to set up. On an old Microsoft router, it worked automatically (after entering the WEP key). On a Linksys router, it required that I telnet to the Soundbridge and statically assign an IP. When I researched the problem, it sounded like it may be related to my specific router. Otherwise, the device is great.
  6. Maybe add a "home audio equipment" sub forum under DRC tech lounge. Seems it would be justified for this type of board. Really this thread is about equipment, and not a music provider. As of now I see this thread being in "other electronics" DRC tech lounge. Although that is just my organized mind at work. Slacker may even deserve it's own forum with the demand, but now I am going off topic sorry. :eek:
    I'd like to hear more about the equipment mentioned in the OP title.

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