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    I am so sad to hear that TJ's no longer going to do his show doo wop gold on sirius gold. First xm took away Matt the Cat now they are going to take away TJ. I am so not liking this merger at all. It has really made me think about my subscriptions I have with both services. I am really thinking about canceling one of my sirius radios. If it wasn't for cousion Brucie staying on the 50's on 5 I would cancel all together. Well enough of me ranting about how pissed off I am about this whole change over coming on wensday.
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    Hi Cartman, I truly agree with you, Sirius stinks without TJ, he WAS SIRIUS, I mean, Wednesday nights are a horror now, and that other so called Doo Wop show is a joke, they really messed things up with the merger, all these DJ's that sound like they are half baked, just cannot take Sirius anymore since they let the BEST go, they do not care who they offend, they do what they want. So they can keep it, I listen to TJ on the PC now on Sunday nights. Look it up on Google.
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    katyinc sorry it took so long to totally agree with you........ "TJ" was one in a million :dj: his show no matter how they try to give us a piece of the "real" "Doo-Wop" here and there, it will in no way take the place of the show that "TJ" put together...............

    It also goes without saying that the Gentleman "Bob Thomas" who laid down the foundation for his replacement is also trully missed..............

    There are really very good station's on Sirius, but it does not take away the faith that people who purchased it for their particular love of their choice of music was wrong no matter how or who tries to justify it.

    "Faith" has become very hard to have with "Sirius" :note::note::note:

    ( Cartman I also agreed with your words - should have address both of you )
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    Just to let you know, TJ is online at Sunday nights from 7 to 11 and then on the same station Saturday nights from 7 till midnight is Joe Stephens, he is awesome, he plays doo wop and oldies , both shows are all request, not like the fool on Sirius XM, you request a song and it is all taped and a month later if you are lucky, if he happens to even have the song, you may hear it, tried it in the beginning, now I do not even listen, makes me sick to think they have lowered doo wop to that level, even his taped show is warped, worse than his records, lol! Go to 100.1 in Jersey and enjoy these two shows, TJ has back listeners from Sirius on his show now, so they are missing him BAD!!! AS WE ALL ARE, except Sirius, of course. They are a punch in the gut to me....:p Kudos to WJRZ:ter:
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    TJ Lubinsky & Joe Stephens

    We were listeners to WJRZ > Home on Sat. nights with Joe Stephens, as of this past Sat. night Jun 20, 2009 there are no more Jukebox Sat. nights according to Jeff Rafter, Program Director/Operations Manager. According to Jeff they cancelled Joe's show in favor of the stations regular format. TJ Lubinsky is still on Sunday nights unless they decide to change that to. We really enjoyed listening to Joe Stephens, it brought back many wonderful memories, as we lived on the Jersey shore for many years before moving to Calif.every Sat. night my cousin who still lives on the shore would tune in and we turned on the computer to listen to the great oldies.
    Please send letters to WJRZ and let them know you want Joe Stephens back on Sat. nights:mad::mad:
  6. deedee

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    Thank You for this info...... It's really sad to see the "Foundation" of "Rock & Roll the Doo-Wop era just pushed away. TJ along with Bob Thomas really did try their best to keep it together :idunno:
  7. katyinc

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    TJ & Joe

    Hi Momaw,

    Yes, I went on 2 Saturday nights and no Joe,:idunno: I was stunned. I wrote to Joe and he said they cancelled his show and I almost flipped, the best music and they let it go, just like they let TJ go on Sirius, no sense whatsoever.

    I have written to Jeff, usually he is great at getting back to you, but have not heard a word. I think Joe is quite upset over it, as I know he loved the oldies so much and his show was getting into more and more doo wop as it went on. What a loss. TJ said his show would not change and so far, he plays his great blocks of Doo Wop, gosh, just by the tone of his voice, you can hear the love he has for that Music, what an ICON he is.

    I think I am going to write to the Greater Media, it is on the bottom of the page of WJRZ, they seem to own the stations and some newspapers, man, I have been blogging all over about TJ and Joe's shows and then they go cancel it. Does not make sense to me, you can hear the 60's, 70's and 80's anyplace and just one night a week, that is not asking much for the people who love the Music. Hope you continue to bombard them with mail, that is the only way they will know we want Joe back and we want TJ the same as he is, AWESOME!!!!

    Lets hope someone will listen to us for a change. God Bless,
  8. TJ

    Now you cant even hear doowop on 100.1 WJRZ some corporate a-hole switched the format to Adult Contemporary
  9. DAB

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    It is sad that these niche programs are slowly going away! This makes Slacker and Pandora more and more attractive for many. That is too bad!

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