Three Finger Help Needed


New Member
Feb 8, 2009

I just did the three finger salute and my s50 is using the 1.5.6 software version. I get the three files for the car dock firmware update tha is only supposed to be with the 1.3.15 SW Version. I did at one time update to 1.3.15, but have since updated to both the 1.4.1 and the current 1.5.6 versions. I deleted the files, but I wonder if it is normal to get these during this process?

Since I was having issues with the car dock getting a signal and since I had a factory install of the software and it did not help I did the 3 finger a second time and left the three files on the unit, cardock 16, cardock 32 and gen3fw.rom figuring that the firmware on the base may have been corrupted, but the base unit gets stuck on updating firmware when it is connected. Perhaps this is all related to the reason for the 3 finger salute to begin with. I have a good feeling my unit is dead. :c(

Any suggestions?