Thoughts on Radio’s Digital Future


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Oct 14, 2008
You wanted that guy to make a point or something but he blew it. A whole page of words that say nothing.


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Oct 12, 2008
Nice to know that NAB/iBiquity want to include "advanced digital applications, like traffic data" in future HD Radio, after fighting Sirius and XM's inclusion of traffic channels when they went on the air several years ago.

Nice to know that NAB/iBiquity want to force, via the FCC, Sirius XM to include HD radio capability in future satellite radios, while not requiring future HD radios to include satellite capability.

And remember how NAB fought the establishment of satellite radio in the first place? Notice how their partner iBiquity, in this article, now grudgingly gives satellite radio some credit for competitive pressure for helping the spread of artist/title Program Service Data on analog FM (although using the 30-year old RDS technology). But I thought that according to the NAB, satellite doesn't compete with terrestrial radio.

I have nothing against the idea of free local radio, whether it's analog or digital, but the protectionist hypocracy of the NAB and iBiquity are a real impediment to my listening to commercial radio or even buying an HD radio.

Reading that article written by iBiquity's CEO, what's clear is that he's missing the real point--free radio's problems aren't related to technology, and they won't be solved by technology. "It's the device, stupid" he says.

No, Bob, it's not the device, it's the content. And now that HD stations are free to play commercials on their subchannels, even more will be saying "crap never sounded so good".
Oct 29, 2008
Right now FM seems to be doing better then sat radio. Maybe FM sucks, but they are certainly surviving as a business. Sat radio on the other hand. Not doing so well. Internet radio is where it is at right now. FM will continue to survive since it has been so prevalent in our society. As long as advertisers continue to use FM it won't be going anywhere. Digital or analog....whatever


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Oct 12, 2008
I know. Podcasts are very, very cool. I know Howard badmouthed them when he signed on with Sirius, but more and more people each day are being turned on to free podcasts and books on tape. See how MP3 players are selling in relation to sat subscriptions. iPods are not dependent upon car sales to help move their product line.

Sat radio is one botched government buyout from near complete failure. iPods and other MP3 players are still selling by the thousands each week on a world wide scale.


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Dec 8, 2008
Booble is "losing it"

"It’s the Device, Stupid!"

"To its detriment, radio just hasn’t done technology... As much as I love the radio industry and its long-term business fundamentals (despite the current carnage), I believe one criticism can be fairly leveled: radio, for most of the last 40 years, has not embraced technological innovation... At great risk of biting the hand that partially feeds me, I’d also observe that AM/FM is the last of all media to upgrade to a digital infrastructure, and began that transition at the last possible instant... I got a bunch of thought provoking comments on The Long Tail column, and the usual suspects questioning my sanity and family background."

iBiquity Digital Corporation - Bob?s Column: Thoughts on Radio?s Digital Future

This is Bob Savage's (WYSL) response to Booble's column. Booble dissed the radio industry, and the HD Radio blame-game is startng, and Booble is "losing it":

"Re: It’s the Device, Stupid!"

"Strew-Bull's comments are such a 'tell' - indicative of how much contempt he has for the industry which his idiotic system is currently in the process of trashing. Reading between the lines: frustration and anger. He's ticked because the radio industry isn't beating a path to iBiquity to 'embrace' his junk-engineering hybrid-digital disaster... More dishonest, arrogant nonsense from....who else? The perpetrator of the radio industry's most notorious engineering blunder in 85 years of 'true' innovation. Leave it to Strew-Bull to diss the people who have given him the stage from which he can proffer abject, hostile nonsense. Go crawl back under your rock, Mr. iBiquity. How's that fund-raising to float your tiny little loser company going on Wall Street these days??"

iBiquity Collecting Retail Tales

"Digital Over the Air and Digital Online: We Can Walk and Chew Gum at the Same Time"

"Beware of pundits, advisors or bloggers advocating false choices... In this narrative, any time spent on HD RadioTM implementation (or much of anything else for that matter) is wasted, because being digital online is the only way to save our great industry. Preposterous I say. We are capable of and need to do both... A slight sidebar in this area: all those claims that mobile internet (Wi-Fi, WiMax, others), in cars or elsewhere, means Armageddon for AM/FM radio are hogwash... I got several great emails last month, as well as the collection of usual suspects accusing me of destroying the world as we know it."

iBiquity Digital Corporation - Digital Over the Air and Digital Online: We Can Walk and Chew Gum at the Same Time

Mark Ramsey's response to one of Booble's other columns - again, Booble is "losing it" and obviously is clueless:

"Is Struble the Next Rowdy Roddy Piper?"

"Although with lines like 'Preposterous I say' and 'hogwash', Bob is not going to win over any of Gen X'ers and Y'ers who may still have some affinity for radio."

radiosherpa: Is Struble the Next Rowdy Roddy Piper?

"Nobody cares what we own"

"Beware of pundits, advisors or bloggers advocating false choices, advises iBiquity chief Bob Struble. I know he means well, and I sure admire his zeal and his pluck... While this is technically true, it misses the entire point of our digital age."

Hear 2.0: Nobody cares what we own